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For sale
Team Ghost Mail

Ghost complite chassi crome moly - we take out engiens/clutchs and bellhousings - the rest is for sale.. Rearend Magirus with ZF planet(in alu. houses ala' Ulrich Kropp)Wheel speed around 110km/t at 4000 omd. engine speed. 1 ekstra rearend + planet set - crossbox for 2 or more engiens - gearbox forward and reverse - extra fenders set - Firestone 30,5x32 8ply ok/good, steel rims(rims and tire 2x196kg). Only serious mails - Thanks -

spetsnaz belarus Mail

for sale belarus parts

steel engine camshaft ungrinded
steel camschaft bosch p7000 ungrinded
steel engine reinforcementplate
steel centrifugal clutch made by

al parts made bij P.P.P. spetsnaz belarus
see our site for more info and look by te koop

exhaust pipes
Daniel Bäumer Mail Home

Exhaust pipes for sale

90° bow

diamter: 70mm
length: 650mm x 300mm

15 Euro each

Team Hvilsom Mail

One nice set Firestone 30,5x32 8ply in very good condition
Only cut one time after new
Info for price and pics:

Bob Feeler Mail

5 Turbines Turbomeca Turmo 3-C7 (super frelon helicopter)
Controlled by Turbomeca and stored in the original containers.
Ready to use. Located south of France.
For more information and pictures, send your request by email:

Firestone 24.5-32 pullingreife
Bjørn Mail

Zu verkaufen

2stk pullingreifen 24.5-32 Firestone 23
Preis 2800 euro
contakt dieter

for sale
Broeks Mail

Te koop

12,5 inch 4 plaats Crower koppeling met JD stalen vliegwiel als nieuw , evt te ruilen voor een 11 inch
Aiviad olie pomp 2 sectie's 2 inch.
2 stuks aluminium carters voor JD 404/466/6076/6081
Hypermax turbo 4.8 inch inlaat niet gebruikt na revisie
JD blok 404 met lagerkappen en gordelplaat 100 %
intercooler gebruikt 500x500x500 mm.
commenrail brandstof systeem JD 8.1 compleet met kop
CDS bosch P pomp 13 mm. ca. 1250 cc.

12.5 inch 4 plate crower clutch with steel flywheel for JD like new or change for 11 inch.
aiviad oilpump 2 sections 2 icnh.
2 alum.oil pans for JD 404/466/6076/6081
Hypemax prostock turbo 4.8 inch. fresh from shop
holset turbo 4.5 inch.
intercooler 500x500x500 mm. used.
JD 404 engine block with bearing caps and gordelplate
commonrail fuel system JD 8.1 complete with
CDS P pump 13 mm. open RPM 1250 cc.

mail for price and pictures

600kg mini modified 4 sale
Erik Mail

Ford 289 V8 Small block.
Edelbrock E-street billit alu heads ( complete ) stronger springs.
Orginal crankshaft ,piston rods ,edelbrock high performance camshaft.
MSD performance Ignition all new wires and spark-plugs.
Home made + orginal ford bellhousing with hydra clutch.
Clutch home made by Saab,Volvo and Sachs.
Edelbrock high performance intake.
Edelbock 650 CFM, MANUAL choke, Edebrock Big fuel nozzles kit.
Volvo m45 4speed transmission with reverse. (strong ) weigth can be redused by removing 3 and 4th gear.
Home made drive shaft, must be made a new one.
Home made frame and Roll cage ( ROP ) ( roll cage (ROP ) must be made new .
Sparco Race seat and 4point seatbelt.
Volvo 1031 rear end ( made for pulling ) .
Volvo rear brakes.
3mm All alu fenders ( this will be painted all black ).
Front engine Shielding ( this will be painted all black).
The tractor don’t ceep airbrush motiv and name.
Frame is 58cm wide Total width with wheels 158 cm.
Frame Length from center rear axel 185cm.
Front smaal 3 rip wheels .
Rear Wheels Dick Cepeck 31x15,5-15 on alu polished rims.
Fuel Gasoline 95 unleaded.

Around 440-460Hp.
4500-6500RPM ( option ).
Wheelspeed : 1 gear = 70km/h.
2 gear = 90km/h.
It will get a full service and turn key. When sold.

Contact : Red Devil Madness & Dark Angel Pulling Team Of Norway.
Phone number : 0047 45 25 04 98.
E-mail :

Various parts for sale
Team Lambada Mail

We have still some parts for sale:

SSI Blower 2012:

2 Veney cylinder heads with bigger valves. Intake 2,6 inch, exhaust 2,1 inch. With springs, lash caps and keepers. One chamber damage, slight repair needed. one intake valve is dish (hollow inside):

Dick Cepek 10 runs old, as good as new:

CP pistons 4,375 bore with light BUTTONS, wrist pins can be delivered. 6 pistons 1,5 years old, 2 new ones:

7 Brad Anderson sleeves 4,375 and 1 sleeve 4,250 (needs boring):

For more pictures look on

For more info send an email to

Parts for sale
Antoonie Mail

From team The Judge

24 RR Griffon inlets for methanol injection.

For more info, mail to;
Or call Jan Brokkelkamp, 0031654318581

For sale: Compact diesel
Tom Esselink Mail

For sale: Compact diesel under construction

Due to the lots of work we have with our superstock tractor, I decided to sell my compact diesel under construction. As complete or separate it is for sale. All the parts I made as light as possible and with the highest precision.
Price for the complete puller: Email or make a bid.(remember the prices of today)

Rearaxle complete with planetary ratio.
Rearaxle comes from a BMW e30 car, ratio 3,72:1, the housing is made lighter.
Made with Comer planetaries, ratio 3,55:1, comes from a heavy electric motor.
All the axles are made out of tubes to reduce the weight.
Complete with hitch, rearaxle is ready to run.
Total ratio: 13,2:1
Asking price: €2000
Rearaxle complete with matching tires €2200

Homemade gearbox with 3 choices: 4% overdrive, price-direct(1:1) and 4% underdrive.
Ready to run, weight complete with oil 12 kg.
Comes with axle and couplers(connection with the clutch).
24 tooth DIN 5482 spline on the in/output.
3 axles Profab principe, C45 gears on the outer axles and 42 CrNiMo gears on the middle axle.
Axles and all the gears are hardened.

Complete clutch set for VW 1.9tdi ALH 038 engine:
Consists of:
- 8 inch pressure tabel, with flywheel and startergear
- 12 Studs
- Bellhousing
- Price axle
- Moutingplate motor with complete bellhousing
- Spare parts (springs, studs, fingers, clutch plate and wearplates/segments)

Pressure table is made out 7075 Alu, flywheel out of S235. Material certificates present.
Bellhousing complete with thrust bearing.

Price for the hole clutch set €2450, I don´t sell one of the clutch parts separate

Rollcage (not final welded) with a kart seat. Weigth 25 kg.

VW 1.9 tdi ALH038 engine original, without injectors and rotation pump.

VW 1.9 tdi AGR 038 complete underblock

Alu brake callipers and alu pumps.
Normally used in the horse racing sport.
Never used, haven´t eating oil.
Very light.
For the hole set €350

Fuel pump inline, Nippondenso (imitation Bosch)
8,5 mm segments
Ask for the price

Ford 9600 hood, custom made. Plus fueltank

Volvo gearbox original
Ask for price

Also a lot of other stuff.. look at the link below for the webalbum, so you can see all the parts.

For questions feel free to email.. and you can always make a bid.
06-39042782(I prefer email)

For Sale
Maarten van de Ven Mail

Te Koop

International 1066
4,5ton Sport uitvoering

Technische details:
- Motor inhoud 7 liter met Vd Waal zuigers
- Geflowde cilinderkop met grote kleppen
- Aangepaste distributie deksel voor eenvoudig verstellen van brandstofpomp en nokkenas
- 13MM Bosch A brandstofpomp
- HX 55 billet turbo
- Aangepaste spruitstukken
- Drie plaats koppeling met Molinari frictieplaten (1 seizoen oud)
- Aangepaste versnellingsbak
- Naald gelagerd differentieel
- Gesneden Michelin banden 650/65R42 met lichtgewicht velgen

Tractor heeft een NTTO startnummer 4,5ton Sport Top voor seizoen 2015!
Meer informatie is te vinden op

Graag mailen of bellen (bij serieuze interesse) voor informatie.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Maarten van de Ven

Telefoon: 0031-615052044


For sale

International 1066
4,5ton Sport version

Technical details:
- Engine 7 liter with Vd Waal pistons
- Flowed cylinderhead with big valves
- Special timing cover for easy adjustment of fuel pump and camshaft
- 13MM A Bosch fuel pump
- HX 55 billet turbo
- Special manifolds
- Three-plate clutch with Molinari friction plates (1 year old)
- Modified gearbox
- Differential on needle bearings
- Cutted Michelin tyres 650/65R42 with lightweight rims

Tractor has a starting number NTTO competition 4,5ton Sport Top for season 2015!
More information can be found at

Please email or call for information.

Best regards,
Maarten van de Ven

Phone: 0031-615052044

Minipuller For sale
Simo Andergård Mail

ex another grave digger

Cromo chassie
dana 60 rear + volvo planetaries
Ford 598 twin turbo
new dick cepecks
lenco reverser



ask more +358405383009

Truck and trailer
Team Fox

We have our truck and trailer for sale.

Asking 43.000Euro.


For Sale
Ramon Mail

For Sale

Fair Power super sport 3.6 ton built with the follow components

* New Holland TM190
* Engine capacity 7 litres Power Star
* Clinderhead with bigger valve
* Harden New Holland connecting rods
* Large Air on Air inter cooler
* HX 60 Billet turbo
* 17 mm Sigma pump with Bosch regulator (Self-made)
* 12 insch 4 disc Centrifugal clutch with Molinari plates
* Modified Gearbox from Ford 7700 with two gears price direct
* Needled bearings differential
* Data logger Graphtec GL200 reading out directly after run on board

For questions mail or ring (only at serious interest)

Ramon Aldenhoven
tel +316-22409898 (after 18.00 hour ) of mail to


Turbo HX 60 BILLET
Wild Pirate Mail Home

Te Koop/For Sale

2x Turbo HX 60 Billet. 92 inlaat/32 uitlaathuis.
Zijn gecontroleerd door A.Waterweg

Tonie Mail

11inch koppeling 5 plaats Vd Waal.
Met passende belhousing.
Voor foto's even mailen.
Grts tonie.

13mm P-Pump for Supersport
Finn-Lasse Streyl Mail

P-Pump for supersport for sale. Very reliable, ran one season after complete rebuild with all new parts. Special camshaft mounted, gouvenor has been prepared too.
Season 2014 pump of Mighty Quinn 3.6t supersport. Clockwise turning direction. Was mounted on the left side of the engine.

If needed a fiting set of injectors can be sold too.

For more info please mail.

Cheers Finn


For Sale
Team Next Sensation Mail

For Sale

Pro stock tires
Firestone 24.5/32
1 year used
10.8 mm profile
Good tires no ply cord visible
Price € 3500.-
For more pictures please call or e mail

Jurian Duijn
Phone 0031 654717445

For Sale/zu Verkaufen
Dennis Kastrup Mail

Beschallungsanlage für Outdoor Veranstaltungen zu verkaufen. Anlage speziell fürs Tractor Pulling gebaut aber auch in anderen Bereichen einsetzbar.
Preis auf Anfrage.

PA System for Outdoor events for Sale. The System is special made for Tractor Pulling.
For more information and price just mail.

950 kg Diesel-nicht fertig
Martin Mörx Mail

Verkaufe meinen nicht fertiggestellten Diesel Mini (950 kg)
Motor MAN D0826GF, 7,8 L, mit Holset 4GLK Turbo, Pumpenantrieb adaptiert f. Reihenpumpe, Bosch PE6 Reihenpumpe mit 12er Elementen, max. 4.000 U/Min, Snowperformence Wassereinspritzung, 3 Scheiben Crower Kupplung mit Eigenbauschwung, eigenbau Ansaugkrümmer, Stahl Kupplungsglocke,
Rahmen Niro gefalzt, Überrollbügel 55 cm Einbaubreite, OM Getriebe, Schalensitz m. Gurt, hydraulische Lenkung, Ford Achse eingekürzt-mit Reservediff, Steckachsen müssen angepasst werden, Firestone 18.4 x 16.1, div. Kleinteile (Schalter, Batterie, Sicherungskasten, usw.) vorhanden, Bremsen mit Zylinder mont., Zugpendel, Schutzbleche,
externes Startgerät 24V mit LKW Starter für direkten Start auf der Kurbelwelle
Nur komplett abzugeben € 3.700,-
Fotos per Mail

For Sale / Te koop
Wim Mail

Te koop / For sale:

1 set firestone puller banden 10 ply
30.5"x 32" 17 kams tripple cut.

1 set of Firestone pulling tires 10 ply
30.5" x 32" 17 cams tripple cut.

€ 400.-

1 set aluminium velgen 32" x 32"
Offset: 14" x 18"

Alu. rims 32" x 32"
Offset: 14" / 18"

€ 1000.-

Voor meer info / foto's mail
For more information or pictures contact by e-mail

Griffon blower for sale
Helge Mail

Selling one griffon blower. Have been used on Continental engine. Asking 2800,-euro. picthures can be sent by e-mail

For sale rimms, tires and more
Russian Roulette Team Mail Home

NEW Northern Sheen aluminium rims.
13’’ inside 14’’ outside (polished)
Franklin bold pattern.

USED Midwest aluminium rims.
13’’ inside 16’’ outside (polished)
Franklin bold pattern.

USED Northern Sheen aluminium rims with very light Puller 2000 tires
11’’ inside 18” outside (polished)
Each Puller tire without rimm weight 160 kg
Mercedes bold pattern.

USED mini rod rimms

Wheel hub spacer - adapter
Mercedes / MAN wheel hub Franklin planetair gearing housing
wide 125mm

For more information and pictures:

For sale
Team ghost Mail

Ghost 2500 kg complite chassi (crome moly)- we take out engiens and bellhousings, you can bay the rest..!!
Rearend Magirus with ZF planet(in alu. houses ala' Ulrich Kropp)+1 ekstra rearend and planet set. Crossbox for 2 or more engiens. gearbox forward and reverse. Tires Firestone 30,5x32 8ply(good)1 ekstra fenders set.
Selling it only because of new weigth tuning rule. Please only serious mails here abouth - Thanks - mail

Tedder Pulling - For Sale
Kara Tedder Mail

CHASSIS: 1-Mod tractor “Indian Outlaw”, 3- T-64 Turbines, Engler tube chassis, Alum cross box, Franklin mag planetaries w/Humpco rear. 1-Rolling mod tractor Chassis with 30.5s Firestone tires, 570 CO-OP rearend $4250, 1-Mod tractor Chassis “Play Hard”, single engine setup, roll cage, needled Rockwell SQ rearend, Rockwell PR-75 planetaries, polished alum rear rims, 30.5×32 10 ply Firestone tires, fenders, roll cage, $11,000 obo. Other New & used mod chassis available.
TURN KEY PULLING VEHICLE: 1-Twd pulling truck w/flip top body, planetary rear-end, wedge frame, Profab trans, 3 disc clutch, Cepeks on Real alum rims, Blown alcohol 540 ci BBC motor, $ call, Will separate engine from chassis or replace with Hemi. AND MUCH MORE!
See full ad at:

Scott & Kara Tedder
Tedder Pulling Performance
992 N 1100 E
Marion, IN 46952
Call/Text: 765-517-1280

Evolution two wheel drive
Mats & Peter Mail

Complete Two Wheel Drive Puller "Evolution” for sale

Engine and chassie can be sold separate

JP2 Hemi 496 cui, 4.310 bore 4.250 stroke
MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition
SSI 14-71 blower
Double pump Sassy fuel system
Brooks B2 rods and Venolia pistons
3 disc clutch with bellhousing

RCD blowerstarter (new 2008) and batteries

Ford 4000 super select rearend and Volvo ZF gearbox in a homemade
U-frame chassis with lot´s of movable weights

Dick Cepec Giant Puller 18.4-16.1 tires in good condition

Body based on a Volvo Duett 1957, all steel. Liftable with a hydraulic piston.

Mail or call for more info or pictures 0046 705180416 (Mats)

Vreeman gearset
Emil Mail

1,8-1 ratio gear set for Vreeman minipuller gearbox to run without planeteries, brand new never mounted.

For sale
Dick Schokkin Mail

For sale.

John Deere engine 6466 8,3l
Aluminium gordle plate
Rollercamshaft with aluminium roller rockers made by Riverside
hardened connecting rods
Billet pistons made by Gene,s Machine Shop
Darlton sleeves.

Cilinderhead 55 series. Original

Diesel and oil filter. for prostock engine

3 homemade intake manifolds for JD 6066 or 6466
one of them is prepared for water injection

1 outletmanifold for JD. 6066 or 6466
for pictures : Dark side of the Moon facebook.

Various parts for sale
Team Lambada Mail

For sale:

SSI Blower 2012

Dick Cepek 1 year old (1 damaged spot) for the rest no cords shown

2 Veney cylinder heads with bigger valves. Intake 2,6 inch, exhaust 2,1 inch. With springs, lash caps and keepers. One chamber damage, slight repair needed. one intake valve is dish (hollow inside).

CP pistons 4,375 bore with light buttons, wrist pins can be delivered. 6 pistons 1,5 years old, 2 new ones.

7 Brad Anderson sleeves 4,375 and 1 sleeve 4,250 (needs boring).

Lenco Transmission with blanket. Reduction original 1:1,55. Custom made gear ratio by Vreemann Special Products: 1:1,66. 1,5 years old.

Dick Cepek 10 runs old, as good as new.

For more pictures look on

For more info send an email to

evert Mail

gezocht ligtgewicht velgen 42inch

Turbo 4.6
HyTec Red Neck Mail

Turbocharger 4.6"compressor for sale.

made 4 passes after check-up (new bearings, shaft and Billet "high flow" compressor wheel).

Interested, send me a male for pricing

New 4 cilinder P pump
DPP Dieseltechniek vd Kolk Mail

For sale new 4 cilinder P pump P 7100 with RSV governor.

Can be delivered with 14 or 16 mm elements.

Pro Stock Next Sensation
Team Next Sensation Mail

Te koop / For Sale

Next Sensation pro stock pulling tractor

Valtra S 353

2de in euro cup 2014 / 2e Euro-cup 2014
Complete of in delen / Compleet or in parts
Met onder andere:

8.2 agco power diesel engine
Met bfs high flow cilinderkoppen / Bfs high flow heads
Billet columbus diesel pomp 17 mm elementen
4.6 turbo holset en Grote intercooler / big intercooler
4 disk Eagle clutches koppeling (nieuw dit jaar/new this year)
Puller 2000 met Midwest aluminium velgen (nieuw dit jaar/new this year)
Chassis en plaatwerk 2 jaar oud
2 gears versnellingsbak

For more info mail to:

Voor meer info mail:

Winter sale
Tractorpullingteam Dirty Doz'n Mail

Fore Sale:

extra temp. channels NEVER USED!!!

*TRANSMASH V12 Engine (steel)
*Several TRANSMASH spare parts (12 cil pump.)
*Wola Revers Reduktor

*Rearaxle DAF 2255 on needle's, without
planetary (mercedes)

*1 Sets 8ply single cut 30,5 x 32" tires.
*1 Set 8ply dubbel cut 30,5 x 32 tires
Both sets of tires good for starters or teams with low budget!!!!

*Orbitrol steering NEW!. Price: 275,-

*Bosch Commerial pumps

*Renault truck engine "Mack" 12 ltr

*Cam followers

*Bremo breaks (set) never used.

*Oil filter VSP

Please contact me by email.

2,5t Modified Tractor
dominic makolm Mail

Verkaufe meinen 2,5t freie klasse traktor SPARTAKUS
Verbaut ist ein 6 zylinder steyr motor mit 9,7 l Hubraum
der motor wurde komplett gebaut von den team Rednex aus Holland (Eigenbau Kurbelwelle, Nockenwelle, Zylinderkopf, Kolben, laufbüchsen, einspritzdüsen, uvm....)
Einspritzpumpe ist eine bosch p mit 16mm Elemente 1000cc Förderleistung
holset hx 80 4,25 inch turbo ist drauf von santen turbo technics.
neue eagle alu kupplung 11" 4 scheiben
Alu eigenbau getriebe mit fullerteile
eigenbau hinterachse diff und planeten von hanomag
Reifen firestone 10 ply 30,5-32 triplecut auf alufelgen

bei fragen tel.00436644491169 oder

curtiss wreight r3350 32wa
dominic makolm Mail

dominic makolm Mail

Verkaufe meinen 18 zyl. Sternmotor curtiss wright R 3350 32 Wa
Der motor wurde komplett restoriert die zylinder wurden neu gehont, Kolbenringe sind neu gekommen, Benzinpumpe neu und vieles mehr.
Er läuft sehr ruhig und springt sofort an.
Der motor wurde gleich für den einbau in einen traktor hergerichtet.

Bei fragen zum Preis oder für details einfach melden unter 00436644491169 oder unter

600mod/CD tires/rims for sale
Jaap Struyk Mail Home

Set Good Year Xtra-Trac 31x15.5x15 4ply tires on steel rims with pulling cut €200

Set Good Year Xtra-Trac 31x15.5x15 4ply tires uncut €100

Set BKT TR-315 31x15.5x15 8ply tires with tractor cut €100

Set steel rims 15"x15J €100

Te Koop?For Sale IH Alci Motor
Van der Waal Pulling Team Mail

Te Koop: Complete IH Alci motor


SuperStock motor IH Alci 9.9 liter compleet met cilinderkop stage 2013, met in- en uitlaatspruitstuk en met complete Turbo set met Billet wielen.

Deze motor komt uit de Terminator ( SuperStock ) en is maar enkele wedstrijden gebruikt.

Totale prijs : € 39500,-

Totale prijs zonder turbo's : € 32500,-

Totale prijs complete Turboset : € 8600,-

Voor vragen kunt u mailen naar :

For Sale: Complete IH Alci engine block


SuperStock engine block IH Alci 9.9 litre complete with cylinder head stage 2013, with in- and outlet manifold and with complete Turbo set with Billet wheels.

This engine block comes from the Terminator ( SuperStock )and has been used for a few compititions.

Total price : € 39500,-

Total price without turbo's : € 32500,-

Total price complete Turboset : € 8600,-

For more information you can send an e-mail to :

Bosch P Pumpe
Charly Lobbe Mail

Zu verkaufen

12 Zylinder Bosch P Pumpe mit 13 Elementen.
2 x 6 Zylinder Bosch P Pumpen mit 13 Elementen.1 Pumpe mit Regler.
Eine 12 Zylinder Transmash Pumpe mit 12 Elementen.
2 Goodyear Reifen 30.5-32 im guten Zustand.

for sale

12 cylinder Bosch P pump with 13 elements.
2 x 6 cylinder Bosch P Pump with 13 elements 1 with Regulator
1x 12 Transmash cylinder pump with 12 Elementen.
2 Goodyear tires 30.5-32 in good condition.

BRUTUS 4,5 Supersport tractor
Marcel Arendsen Mail

For Sale / Te koop

BRUTUS super sport 4.5 ton

* Engine capacity 8,85 litres
* Flowed Clinderhead at BFS /vd Waal
* Hardened connecting rods
* large Air to Air intercooler
* HX 80 turbo with special bearings
* double 13 mm bosch 12 cilinder pump
* Bigger nozzels
* 13 insch 4 disc VEKOMA 2014 proven NTTO licensed clutch
* gearbox 2 forward gears 1 reverse with price as brake (price direct)
* Needled bearings differential
* disc brakes
* Tyres 710-70x 42 Michelin double cut by Heesakkers
* Unique and nice sheetmetal 88- series / frame needs paint

BRUTUS 4,5 Ton super sport

* Motorinhoud 8,85 liter
* Geharde drijfstangen
* Clinderkop geflowd bij BFS / vd Waal
* Grote lucht lucht intercooler
* HX 80 turbo met speciale lagers
* Dubbel 13 mm bosch 12 cilinder P pomp
* grotere verstuivers
* 13 inch VEKOMA 2014 gekeurde NTTO koppeling
* versnellingsbak 2 versnellingen vooruit 1 achteruit met price as rem ( price direct)
* Naald gelagerd differentieel
* Schijfremmen
* Banden 710-70x42 michelin door Heesakkers van dubbele nok voorzien
• Uniek en strak plaatwerk 88 series / frame kan pot verf gebruiken

Voor vragen graag mailen of bellen ( alleen bij serieuze interesse ) 0031613777626

Te Koop/ For Sale Puller 2000
Van der Waal Pullingteam Mail

Te Koop :Firetsone Puller 2000 banden zonder velgen

Bandenmaat : 30,5 L - 32
Vraagprijs : € 5800,-

Voor meer informatie kunt u mailen naar :

For Sale :Firestone Puller 2000 tires without rims

Tire Size : 30,5 L - 32
Asking price : € 5800,-

For more information you can send an e-mail to :

Zvezda M50F6
Björn Schütte Mail

Zu Verkaufen

Zvezda M50F6
62,4 l Hubraum
882kw bei 1850/min
Aluminium Engine

Tires 30,5-32
Markus Mail

I am in search of 8ply or 10ply use Fireston or Puller 2000! ( very light Tires )
Search also still used aluminum rims!
Please request all with photo and description!

Thank mfg Markus

Pro stock tractor wanted
Steve charles Mail

Wanted pro stock puller complet tractor preferred willing to travail but uk tractor would be preferred
Please call Steve on 07753324898 thanks

Pulling tires + rims 650/65R38
Richard Norrgård Mail

I have 2pc 650/65R38 Michelin on 18x38 silver rims. The tires is cutted and ready for pulling. The rims have centerhole 335/281/10. Fits John Deere, Case, Newholland and maybe some others also. I dont know the ET/Offset. It has been on a John Deere 4050. Price 1000€ for both.

Short block hemi 500cui
TEAM XL / Mattias nilsson Mail

Short blocks hemi 500cui

block kb Stage 10
heads veney 2.4 / 1.9
veney intake
Crank 4.250, 25 pull
Piston 4.310, 12 pull
Rods 12 pull
New bearing in camshft, rods, crank

Everything below blower

Everything is in very good condition

Price € 9,000

John deere and Fiat
Roy Soppe Mail

For sale

John Deere 5020 nice and good looking tractor

Fiat 1300. needs work, engine running

10X Cylinderhead 55 serie (dismanteld from jd 6081 engine)

John Deere wheelhubs 10 hole

New john deere reduction starters fits for 6404 6466 6076 6081 6090

New john deere side screens for american 30 40 50 55 seri

New john deere uphulstery kits fits for american 30 40 50 55 serie

compleet motorhood set john deere 4650 (hood tank screens side panels

complete powershift john deere 4650

A lot of engine and engine parts from john deere 6404 6466 6076 6081


Isotov TV 3-117 wanted!
Gerhard Potocnik Mail

We are looking for a Isotov TV 3-117.
Please contact us if you can offer it.

best regards,
Gerhard Potocnik
E-Mail: (german)
E-Mail: (english)

Complet racing team
Bjarne Sorensen Mail

Complete Racing Team
We are selling an complete team turn a key
Truck and trailer

Mercedes 814
Approved for driving with 7 + driver
Beds fore 8 persons
Shower, toilet and kitchen
Musik and tv systems
Price 20.000 Euro

950 kg unlimited driving in DM and Euro Cup
Price 38.000 Euro
Engine is from 2013
We can sell with another older engine

Racing tent
Spare parts
RCD Starter with battery trailer
Racing suit, helmet, shoes and etc. Price 3.000 Euro
Call us on +45 2264 4566

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