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Several pulling parts
John Van Alphen Mail Home

As we've stopped pulling and already sold some parts, we still have some parts left, which might come in handy for some of you. Just a part of this is listed down below.

John deere 6466 engine block.
John deere series 55 stock cylinderhead (no work done to it).
John deere crankshaft, magnafluxed. (with- or without ready-to-mount counterweights).
John deere 8530 hood.
Lightweight fenders for stock, farmstock, prostock, (light)superstock.
Crossbox complete and lots of spare gears.
A lot of Fuller gears (we prefer an all-in-1 buy for the Fuller gears and pricing will be accordingly).
Rockwell diffrentials, standard.
Special made diffrentials which accepts bigger internal gears.
4" stainless steel welding bends and stainless steel pipes.
Thick walled aluminum pipes to make drive shaft shielding.
Stainless steel fuel tanks.
Safety blanket for Allison engine.
Oil catch cans.
Peterson 400 series inline filters.
New Clampco V-band clamps.
Waste gates (for parts, or).
Throttle bodies incl butterfly.
Rockwell ring-, pigniongear 8:39

Note: Not everything is listed or photo graphed yet.

"Stay tuned"

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Hot Farm Pulling Tractor
Richard Norrgård Mail

Ready for pulling out there?
Here you have a finnish monster John Deere (Sigmatäti) ready for pulling.
Very much money and work is putting in to this tractor.
3 place in Finnish championchip 2016.


7,7 liters engine.
Special made intercoolersystem for best flow.
Holset HX60 Turbo almost new.
Sigma high flow fuelpump and special injectors from america.
55-series head for better flow and bigger valves.
Special made camshaft.
Special logger system for the engine with many sensors around to se everything what happens on laptop.
Built from standard 4x4 4050 to rear wheeldrive 4055.
Gearbox change to Quadrange (the best).
1,2,3,4 gears with A,B,C,D levels and one quickgear to use in every gears.
2 extra pieces Michelin 650/65R38 with rims are included. (Very nice tyres).
Racing feets.
A winner tractor in his class.

Check sigmatäti on youtube for video.

Pm for pictures and price!

Pioneer tires
Torben Madsen Mail

I am looking for a set of Pioneer 18.4-16.1 tires cut to about 6 mm in good shape Can Pick up in made if possible
Hope someone Can help!
Redneck Rebel pulling team

Fuelpump tester
Wilbert van Eersel Mail

For sale fuelpump tester, very complete.For photos and more information send an email

John Deere Parts
Bruggeman Mail

Te koop

John Deere onderdelen

Set tandwielen 28-24 GMS transmissie
Set geharde drijfstangen 8,1 powertech
Cilinderkop 55 Serie geflowd
Set voor velgen 15 inch
2 Krukas 8,1 ltr

Voor meer info of foto's graag een mail naar

DANA 60 Axle 41-10 D 30360 A
Christian Beck Mail

DANA 60 Achse zu verkaufen. Übersetzung ist 41-10

Standort ist bei Kaiserslautern.

Preis 200€

Für mehr Informationen und Bilder einfach anschreiben.

Bellhousing steel
Kristian Pallesen Mail

for sale

complete bell housing steel
with release bearing.

500 euros

Tel. Nr. :+45 29439443

New puller 2000
Team XL Mail

New puller 2000 tires for sale. Both 24,5 and 30,5x32. Contact for more info

The Sheriff Valmet 605
Bandito team Mail

te koop:
The Sheriff Valmet 605
Farmstock 2.5 ton sportklasse 3 cilinder 4 liter
Holset turbo
Bosch pomp 13 mm ( Dikkenberg dieseltuning )
klaar voor NTTO 2017
ook ingeschreven als bijschrijver promo 2017

Pro Puller Tires
Aaron Docter Mail

Pro Puller Tires offers a range of pulling tires, including 30.5x32, 24.5x32, 20.8R38, and soon will have the 18.4R38. We are trying to find a way to get into the European market, and would love to hear about the interest in our products. Our unique design on tires allows for up to 15% more ground footprint per tire! More footprint = more traction.

Feel free to get a hold of me by email at or message me on facebook at

Aaron Docter

11"clutch/ flywheel/belhouse
Hagens Mail

For Sale!

11" Compleet Crower Clutch with 4 plates and alu flywheel (including John deere starters wreath)
11" Steel Belhouse NTTO approved with clutch vork and release bearing
New Bosch 24v starter; that wil fit on the JD wreath and belhouse( gap)
And a extra crower pressure group-/plates

Everthing in one sale!

Price and pictures can be send by email!

Looking for a alu block
Team Eager beaver Mail

We are looking for a New Century alu block.
For instance 4.50 bore, 10.200 Deck high, raised cam.

Best regards,
Team Eager beaver
Tel 003161014852

Ford Hot Farm 4 sale
Andre Bartheidel Mail

For sale a very nice 3.5t Ford Hot Farm tractor, set up for level 2

7 Liter engine (stroked crank from Belgium)
hot cam
P3000 Bosch with 14mm elements
2 disk 11.5 inch Molinari
enforced transmission
needle bearing diff
HX 60 Turbo
Hezakkers cut tires

Runner up German Championships 13 & 14

MBR Minor Brothers Engine
Team Habermann Mail

MBR 471cui Engine for Sale

Complete Intake to Pan
Billet MBR Block
Billet MBR Heads
Magnesium Intake Manifold
Magnesium Valve Covers
Victory Titanium Valves
Pac Springs
Bryant Crankshaft 3.700"
GRP Rods -New-
Arias Pistons -New-
Darton 4.500" Sleeves -New-
CAM Effects Roller Lifters -4Runs since New-
Erson Camshaft
and and and...

This is the latest MBR stuff outside and the fastest Material in Europe.Last Run it made a 5.30sec@271mph in a Top Methanol Dragster. Asking 25000€ from Intake to Pan.

turbine wheel
lmk team Mail

Hello friends pulling i sell turbine wheel for turbo garret TV8401 code parts:442029-18 at cost 400 euros, who was interested contact me I can also send photos

Best reguads

pullerreifen 24.5-32
Dieter Mail

Zu verkaufen . Firestone 23 alltraction 24.5-32 mit 9,5 mm muster frisch geschnitten sæson 2016 . Price 2500 euro

kontact 004542382099

Bernt Mail

Sigma pump for sale
17mm ( prostock setup ), no runs on it
3200 euro

For sale MSD Ignition
Team Eager Beaver Mail

We have for sale:

1 pc MSD 20 Ignition complete with pointbox, feet and sparkplug cables
1 pc Little Field high helix chromed 8/71 blower complete with snout.
1 pc Idler and different 8MM pully's
2 pcs System one oil filter + external adaptor.

Pulling greetings,
Team eager beaver
Evert van den Top
tel 0031611014852

Modified/Engine parts for sale
MPM Seaside Affair Mail

Used frame incl complete rearend (ex Seaside Affair):
Domex 700 framerails
Rockwell SQHD / Humpco rearend complete including drawbar
Franklin / Vreemann planetaries (aluminum carriers with 4 satellite gears and magnesium housings) 4.53 to 1 ratio
Billet aluminum brakes
Billet aluminum GM diff
Rockwell 4.63 or 4.44 ring and pinion
optional with SCS reverser, crossbox, shafts and couplers

Humpco Diff:
Billet steel
fits SQHD fast gear
22 splines on spider gears

Puller 2000 tires with rims:
Puller 2000 tires 30,5-32
on Midwest aluminum wheels

SCS Crossbox:
1 to 1 ratio
billet aluminum
to run 2 or 3 engines

547 Cu BBF blower engine (pan to manifold)
solid aluminum C and C motorsports block
TFS A460 heads with titanium intakes
Billet Crower crankshaft
WW engineering shaft mounted rocker arms
Can make it complete with 8-71 blower, mag and fuel system

Littlefield supercharger:
8-71 Hi -Helix retro fit
Polished aluminum
K11 rotors

Big Block Ford A460 heads:
2.35 titanium intakes
1.88 exhaust
WW engineering Shaft mounted rockers
sheet metal valve covers

Big Block Ford blower manifold:
Blue Thunder manifold
PME Cobra Jet to A460 adapter plates

Big Block Ford lightweight bellhousing:
Probell hybrid
8 ⅛ deep
starter pocket
cross shaft holes

Fowler / Kobelco blower snout
7.5” long
incl coupler
new style big diameter shaft

Mail for pictures and prices.

Frank Kramer

Firestones 095 Modified
Maik Straatman

Firestones 095 Modified zu verkaufen

# sehr guter allgemeiner Zustand
# maschinell geschnitten
# Flanken jedoch leicht rissig
# Gewicht über 40 kg / Stück
# ohne Felgen
# für kleines Geld abzugeben
# Bilder und Kontakt WAPP SMS +49 15120 1971 99

for sale
Marcus Carle Mail

- 55 series John Deere cylinderhead with stronger valve springs
- Hypermax water injection valve
- Max Simpson water injection valve (for Pro Stock)
- modified OEM cam, also good for hot farm
- 1 set original Liners and several sets original connecting rods
- 1 combine exhaust manifold
- OEM 55 series turbo with exhaust manifold

- 55 Serie John Deere Zylinderkopf mit stärkeren Ventil Federn
- Hypermax Wassereinspritzventil
- Max Simpson Wassereinspritzventil (für Pro Stock)
- Modifizierte OEM Nockenwelle, auch gut für Sport/Super Sport
- 1 Satz original Buchsen und verschiedene Sätze original Pleul
- 1 Mähdrescher Auspuffkrümmer
- OEM 55 Serie Turbo mit Auspuffkrümmer

Contact / Kontakt:

for sale
Green Deere Mail

Green Deere zu verkaufen
500kg Standard Klasse
Typ: John Deere 317
Motor: 2 Zylinder Kohler
Leistung: ca. 25 PS
Reifen: Pitbull 2
Kupplung :Suco
Hinterachse und Getriebe: Hako

350kg Standard Klasse möglich

Green Deere for sale
500kg Stock class
type: John Deere 317
engine: 2 cylinder Kohler
power: around 25 HP
tyres: Pitbull 2
clutch: Suco
rear axle and gearbox: Hako

350kg Stock class possible

Picture of the Tractor, check here:

Kontakt / Contact:

Zu verkaufen
Team Eager Beaver Mail

Zu verkaufen:

1 set Reifen 30,5x32 MITAS powerpull, erste Ausführung
1 set Reifen 30,5x32 MITAS powerpull, neue Ausführung
1 set Reifen 30,5x32 FIRESTONE puller 2000 Bau Jahr 2002.

Mit freundlichen grüssen,
Team Eager Beaver
Evert van den Top

For sale
Team Eager Beaver Mail

We have for sale:

1 set Mitas powerpull tyre 30,5 x 32 new, flexible cords
1 set Mitas powerpull tyre 30,5 x 32 new, strong cords.
1 set Firestone puller 2000 30,5 x 32 used.

Pulling greetings
Team Eager Beaver
tel 0031611014852

BMW 1000rr Motorbike Engine
Daniel Siebenhaar Mail

Special Engine for 500kg Modified Gardenpuller for sale.
Engine is including cable loom, electronic control unit and tuningkit existing over pistons and rods.

Pictures can be send via email.

Firestone 24.5-32 pullingreife
Dieter Mail

For sale Fireston 23 Alltraction 24.5-32 . verry fine 9,5 mm
for info/ Price 004542382099

HardcoreForces Engine for Sale
Lars Kofer Mail

Ex Hardcore Forces Mini Motor zu Verkaufen!!!
Angaben zum Motor:
Keith Black Stage I 526er Hemi Engine
JP 1,
14/71 SSI High Helix Blower,
Big & Ugly Injector
Der Motor ist übrigens überholt worden,jetzt wieder in gutem Zustand !

Bei Interesse bei
Lars Kofer melden
Gruß Lars

Tedder Pulling - For Sale
Scott Tedder Mail

JUST IN: We have a huge lot of good parts from a mod tractor team to sell at reasonable prices. Give us a call.

CHASSIS & TURN KEY: 1-Turn key mod tractor, 3-Supercharged Hemis (CAN BE SOLD AS TWIN HEMI), tube chassis, 3 speed trans, HP Puller 2000s on alum rims, Call for info. 2-Mini rod chassis rolling, F-106 rear housing and pinion housing, TRB carrier, Strange axles, hat, rotors & dual calipers, fenders, Cepeks on real alum wheels, Lenco single speed trans w/reverse, call. 3-Mini chassis with F106 rears, 1-tube chassis & 2-Alum wedge chassis rolling with transmissions and Trick titanium bellhousings.(MINIS FOR SALE OR TRADE)

Scott Tedder - Call 765-517-1280 or e-mail

Gerrit, Mail

6cilinder p pomp, linker motorzijde montage
origineel 13mm tot klaargemaakte 16mm

Intercooler lucht op lucht

Alles aanbieden,

500kg Standard Tractor
Dietmar Meyer Mail Home

Big Mellie zu verkaufen

500kg Standard Klasse

Typ: Gutbord

Motor: 3 Zylinder Kubota Diesel

Leistung: ca 21 PS

Reifen: Pitbull I

Erfolge: Europameister 2008, 2014 und 2015, mehrfacher Deutscher Vizemeister

mehr Infos und Bilder auf:

Rolling Chassie
Thomas Patersson Mail

Built by Ron Bultemeier Usa. 3 spead Ron Perry transmition 17,0:1. 17,5:1. 19.0:1. Steel flywheel 4 plate Crower alu pressure plate. Good as farmstock or prostock. 25000 euro or best offer.
phone +4670593853

More pictures available!


chroomsteel bars
Paul Liefooghe Mail

For sale

42crmo S4V diameter 20,30, 55,95mm

34crnimo 6V diameter 50,65,70,80,90,100,160,180mm

lenghts of 3m special price . can ship the whole world
mail for info

Paul Liefooghe Mail

For sale
enderle injectors long middle and short body's.
Lot 's of nozzles
fuel lines
barrel valve
shut-off valve
p valves
distributor blocks
crower 11 inch aluminium clutch
aviad 3 section oilpump
DAF alkypullingparts
more info call 0032477404335

Wanted Rearend
Kent Andersson Mail

Complete Rockwell rearend with franklin aluminum housing ,aluminium brakes and aluminium rims with pullingtires

Missile Dry Sump Pump
Allan Mail

WTB. Looking to by a used Missile oil pump for a hemi. Thanks

NQS Pulling tractor
Richard or Mike Mail

NQS Pulling Tractor Class: outlaw modified, Twin Engine, Aspirated engine: Koler 280 hp Bored 3.75 balanced cammed 9" Ford rear end 4 speed Saginaw transmission cut down to 11" Drop box 580 Dirt Car 3 Disk clutch racing fuel 120 octane Chrysler CDI electric Ignition 843-240-2530 after 5 $12,000 or make offer Please My name is Richard I.m helping my friend sell his tractor His name is Mike 843-240-2530 after 5pm He is trying to get 12,000.00 or best offer I think he is a motivated seller so You understand you never get the money you ask for. Thanks again for your help he is retired now and off the circuit . This tractor is very nice and runs strong.
ps: we are here in Pawleys Island. SC. thanks

Rearend tire rims
kent Mail

Looking for a complete rockwell rearend for modified class franklin planetaries with magnesium hubs. Pullingtires with aluminum rims send me price

baby duck bus
Bert Mail

VANHOOL touringcar complete ready for transports a pullingtractor.
- 1983
- 10 persons sleeping possibility
- 2 fridges
- MAN 380hp (rebuild)
- ZF automatic gearbox with retarder

only the outside of the bus need some reparations (rust)

mail for pictures or price.

ZF AP9 planetary
Bert Mail

2 complete ZF AP9 planetary covers, ringwheel and bearings.
call for info or prices.

0031 (0)6 12027819

Valtra parts
Duijn Mail

For sale Valtra hood and fenders T4, new N4, new and S1 used.
Also engine and parts.

Look for mini rims
Ghost Mail

Look for mini rims the old type in two pices with back inpress 6" and total wide on 18 to 20".
Please picture of your offer.


HEAD WIDTH 3/4" (19MM).

John Deere Engines
Roy Soppe Mail

For Sale,

John Deere engines 6466 and 6404
Fits for jd 4240 4440 4640 4848 4230 4430 4630.
also blocks crankshafts camshaft piston liners etc, etc,

2X jd 6081 block from jd 7710/7810
1X jd 6076 block from jd 7700/7800

complete powershift from jd 4520. good condition.

Massey ferguson tractor 97.
8,3 liter Minneapolis Moline engine.

4 ribs/ring tyres.
9.5L15 11L15 10.00-16 11.00-16 14L16.1
Also new rims for john deere Case ih deutz massey ferguson.

A lot of new part for usa john deere

Call or text for info!

pièces pro stock farm stock
Diable rouge Mail

Liste des pièces à vendre :urgent

1 pompe à palette (475€ neuf) vendu 240€

1 pompe d'injection sigma 6 cylindres piston Ø16 stage 3 révision ok Marc Martens vendu 4000€

6 injecteurs complet 5 trous pour IH (724€ neuf) vendu 365€

1 nez d'injecteur5 trou (250€ neuf) vendu 180€

2 tuyaux d'injecteur neuf (72.50€ neuf) vendu 50€ l'unité

1 rampe complete de tuyaux d'injecteur pour 6 cylindre monté sur IH et pompe sigma avec douille M18, déja cintré 280€

20 buses filetées pour injecteur et pompe M14-M18 (4.50€ neuf l'unité) vendu 3€ pièce

Bosch p pump
steffen poulsen Mail

Bosch p pump 3000 for sale. 13 mm plungers, grinded cam and rsv govorner, 4 valve feedpump

6 runs since service, ready for race


Aluminum IH Wheatland Fenders
Sam Becker Mail Home

Selling a pair of aluminum IH Wheatland fenders 24'. Very lightweight! $3200

My dad builds the fenders and I'm helping him share them online.
For more custom aluminum parts, please contact us at 314-339-7711

Marthasville, MO

ford 6500 prostock 6.2 l
richard Mail

for sale

prostock ford super major basic with hood from ford 6500
6.2 l cargo engine holset hx60
cylinder head with big valves .
2x p pump set up !!
650/65.38 michelin tyres cutted
etc. etc.

has not run for a few years...
for more info please email..

ford 6500 pro stock 6.2 l
richard Mail

for sale

prostock ford super major basic with hood from ford 6500
6.2 l cargo engine holset hx60
cylinder head with big valves .
2x p pump set up !!
650/65.38 michelin tyres cutted
etc. etc.

has not run for a few years...
for more info please email..

Wanted: injector hat
Achim Mail


I am looking for a injector hat (enderle / veney / Gerardot) tall version ....
Can be also in bad shape or broken..

Thanks in advance

Borg Warner S500SX
Henk v. Ginkel Mail Home

Borg Warner S500SX Turbo (88 mm) i.c.m. 2 uitlaathuizen met een A/R ratio van 0.85 en 1.00
Product Description:
- Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings
- Extended tip technology compressor wheel
-Open flow turbine housing (Twin scroll housings available separately)
- Adjustable compressor and turbine housing orientation
- Compressor cover recirculation grooves
- Optimized compressor inlet geometry
- Dual machined compressor cover discharge connection (v-band or hose bead)
- Premachined speed sensor mounting boss
BW Part Number: 179188 8 wedstrijden oud