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Gencom Lambada VIII for sale
Team Lambada Mail

For Sale:

2015 European Champion Gencom Lambada 8.

As complete or chassis or engine separate.

Chassis: Homemade tube chassis (2012) with Advanced chassis rearend housing and Aluminum TRB F106 center section and Pioneer tires with rims.

Engine: Keith Black Stage X with Veney heads and SSI blower. Aluminium bellhousing. SCS gearbox.

For more information contact

Suche - Wanted
Wolpertinger Team Mail

suche Magirus Deutz Differential,
Untersetzung 3,4 - 3,5
Tel: ++49 170 3218842

For Sale
Søren Jakobsen Mail

4 complete BAE 526 engine with dry sump, for sale with or without blower (DMPE M5)
1 complete BAE 526 engine intake to pan all new parts inside
pulleys 14 GT 4 pc 32 and 2 pc 45 tooth

Only seriously contact

stefan kronvall Mail

Pulling headers Chevy style Dan Olson, almost new.

Rolling Chassis for sale
Henk Pastoor Mail

Chromoly tube chassis,rockwell axle,greenmonster alu diff,franklin 4.2 planetair alu housing,old style pullers 8ply on alu rims,see picture,fits griffon engine for 2.5 ton.Price as on pics!

12500 Euro

Contact Henk Pastoor 0031-622513023 or mail

For Sale
CDH Pulling Team Mail

rpm-indicator with memory + sensor
Webasto + watercirculationpump complete
water injection pump
Radiator, ventilator, pump and reservoir

Garden puller Wanted
Sulevi Severi Mail

Hi there

I looking rolling garden puller frame.
Please mail your offer and some pics for me.

component frame
Kees Mail

I have for sale a component frame chrome molly tube incl rops with a rockwell stock housing.With or without sheetmetal. Ex White Crow.Email for price.

Bosch P pump 16 mm
DPP Mail

For sale new Bosch P pump 16 mm
flange mounted , RSV governor, grinded cam , billet delivery valves.
Price € 4500,-

Billet dual injectors with billet tips.
These billet tips are 1/2 longer than oem ones.
Price €300,- a piece

Suche wassergekühlten Ladeluft
Jürgen Mail

Suche einen wassergekühlten Ladeluftkühler für 500kg FK Tractor mit 1,3l VW Polo Diesel Motor

For Sale
brian Luijkx Mail


The Matrix Compact Diesel IHC 1066
-VW 1,9 TDI Motor
*standard crankshaft
*high performance connecting rods
*high performance pistons
*Stage 2 camshaft cylinder head
- Reverser V.Dongen
-rear axle on needle bearings
-Kramp planetary with custom-made houses

Complete engine with stage 1 camshaft
2 Brake disks 250mm x 150mm x 4mm € 90,00
2 Brake disks 250mm x 150mm x 6mm € 100,00
1 Complete gear box Opel Manta € 150,00
2 MF planetair ring 1:4 € 180,00
2 Planetary house € 950,00
2 Brake calipers 4 cilinders € 400,00
1 Complete ROP € 650,00

for price and info e-mail or find us on Facebook #thematrixpullingteam

Mini Sled
Jukka Ojala Mail

For sale: Finnish Mini Sled "Bad Boy"
ETPC inspected (bronze)
Price 15000 euro

Rockwell SQHD carrier
Team Rednex Mail

Hello , we are looking for a Rockwell SQHD differential carrier , or a complete diff with 5.29 ratio normal ratio.

Searching Hemi.
Team First Choice. Mail

Searching a Hemi engine,complete or parts everything have a interest, just need to be in good condition.

Let us know what you have. :)

For sale
Team Eager Beaver Mail

Team Eager Beaver has for sale:

1 pc Dart BBC block 540 cc.
1 pc Little field high helix 8/71 blower
1 pc ignition offset.
2 set JE piston 4,5 inch

for sale
team ghost Mail

for sale - Light modi. 2500kg. complite with 2 Rover V12 turn key..
Or chassi alone with or with out cross box..

Ford 460
stefan kronvall Mail

Heads Trick flower,camshaft,manifold for blower.
Rods Fowler hemi wrist pin 6,860, new
pistons 4,600 bore, new
magneto drive offset, new
pulling headers Chevy style ,new
oilpump, fuel system complete
and more parts
clutch bellhousing Ford 460

eddy van den Berg Mail

Voertuigcategorie: N3/BA 03 ( service wagen)
Motor ligt in het midden
Bouwjaar 1980
Keuring tot september 2016.
Bij belastingdienst zit er nu een speciale regeling op maar dat moet iedere eigenaar weer opnieuw aanvragen.

Deze bus is vorig jaar technisch in orde gemaakt
Rondom nieuwe banden
Rondom nieuwe luchtballen met luchtvering systeem om bus compleet te laten zakken voor laden en lossen van tractor.
Motor is een revisie motor ( nieuw type) en heeft nu 14000km gelopen
Nieuwe turbo
Aangepaste brandstofpomp 14mm en andere regelaar
Nieuwe filters en olie
Meeste verlichting vervangen door LED verlichting
elektrische lier op afstandsbediening
achterruim voldoende groot voor 4,5 ton supersport tractor met 42'banden.

eddy van den Berg Mail

white stallion two. 4,5 ton supersport tractor.
* motor New Holland 8970 7,5L omgebouwd naar 9.0L
*krukas slag vergroot * boring vergroot en Darton bussen * Billet drijfstangen* Billet zuigers met total seal zuigerveren * aangepaste cilinderkop met vergrote kleppen en meest haalbare Flow * speciaal inlaat en uitlaat spruitstuk* HX82 turbo billet met special lager*rollen nokkenas* Billet tuimelaars met rollers* sigma brandstofpomp* Billet verstuiverhouders met aangepaste verstuivers* water/lucht intercooler, banden michelin 710/75R38 laatste nieuwe profiel heesakkers* voorbanden 16 inch 4 ribs* aangepast en verzwaard kroon/pionwiel* staal vliegwiel en 4 plaats koppeling* versnellingsbakhuis met ingebouwde profab versnellingsbak, 4 versnellingen* veel mogelijkheden door tandwielen te wisselen* differentieel omgebouwd op naaldlagers*Tractor volgens nieuwe NTTO regels goedgekeurd. voor meer info neem contact op per mail

Piet Hagens Mail


DAF 2255 REAR AXLE. Diff.compleet on needles (MOERMAN) Ratio; 5.72

For pictures and price please contact me by email.

Mid west velgen
J v/d kieboom Mail

Te koop set mid west velgen 30,5x32 met verloopringen naar zf steek

For sale
Henry Van den brink Mail

Te koop international supersport trekker (Red Danger) zonder motor verder compleet.
Cummins 903 V8 marine motor.

mail voor meer info!

Compakt Diesel The Scorpion
Simon Schuster Mail

Compakt Diesel IHC 1066
VW 1,9 TDI Motor, Stahlpleul
Zylinderkopf bearbeitet Stage 1 Nockenwelle,
Bosch A Pumpe mit 10 mm Elemente,Ladeluftkühler + Wassereinspritzung
Holset HX 40, 3 Scheiben Tilton Kupplung,
Suzuki Hinterachse mit MF Planeten,
Alufelgen mit Dick Cepek Reifen,

Turbomeca Marbore Jet Engine
Hubert Mail

Marbore Jet engine WANTED
also spare parts

Harrie Mail

24,5X32 double cut pullingtyres on alu rims.

the next items are especialy for international engines us type

12 x pushrod from compcams.

steel big camshaft with 16 mm lift and ajustable sprocket.

steel and alu rollerlifter complete set.

oil filter holder with new filters.

wastegate with pressure valve.

custom motor frontplate made from the Original whit gears. see pics

msd 10+ ignition with 2 msd single coils.

Original oil pump ih 468 us.

Original oil pan ih 468 us.

Original cilinder head ih 468.

and a custom made cilinder head for methanol ih 468+ rocker and rollertumblers alu. whit new springs.

stainles steel intake and exhaust manifold.

stainless steel oil catch tank.

holset turbo charger hx 80 , rebuilded and with protection shields.

6x custom made cilinder sleeves with steel ring for the head+ pistons.

6x cilinder sleeve pistons and conecting rods Original set.

custom made alu valve cover with ih logo.

set off 6 alu connecting rods and arias pistons 117mm.

distributor can mount directly on place where the fuel pump was mounted on the ih engine.

Original flighwheel for ih. and clutch housing.

crankshaft stut plate.


Tire + rims
Dirty herrie Mail

For sale
Good set off used tires Firestone 18.4x16.1 price 300 euro.
Set off aluminium rims 16 inch wide offset 7 inch price 300 euro.
Tires + rims 500 euro.

Turbo's en Nokian banden
Frank Pennings Mail

Gebruikte Borg Warner turbo's
2x S500sx 88mm met 0,85 a/r turbinehuis
2x S500sx 91mm met 0,85 a/r turbinehuis
2x 1,00 a/r turbinehuis S500sx
2x 1,15 a/r turbinehuis S500sx

Nokian truckpulling banden
Set nieuwe nokian els 700/50R26.5 incl velgen et -50
Set nieuwe velgen 26.5x24.00 ET -50

Tractors & Parts for sale
Mitch Mail

We still got 2 ready to run tractors for sale and many parts see the list below. For pictures and/or more information please mail to

For sale:

Mini Diesel "Mean Machine"
Suitable for 600kg modified. Peugeot 1,9 diesel engine with turbo and intercooler +/- 150hp very reliable! Please mail for price.

Compact Diesel "Mean Machine"
Ready to run Compact Diesel, all the best parts inside build together with the Moving Mountains team, VW 1.9 tdi engine with Bosch A pump and Holset HX40 turbo and intercooler. Dick Cepek 31x15,5-15 tires with aluminum rims, Deutz Agrolux bodywork with pearlescent paint and highly advanced datalogger. Please mail for info.

John Deere 8520 bodywork
Polyester JD 8520 body for a compact diesel €400

GTR-650 Turbo
Brand new GTR 650 turbo with AR70 intake housing, and AR82 exhaust housing. 84mm compressor wheel, 66,6mm turbine wheel.

Front tires
A nice set of front tires, karting wheels with aluminum rims - €75

Suzuki SJ4 rear axle
Rear axle from a suzuki sj4, still stock but very strong we used these axles in the Mean Machine mini diesel. €100

Bosch A pump
Brand new Bosch A pump (stock) €700

Citroën XUD9 engine
Brand new engine, fully revised with oversize pistons, hardened rods. New flowed cylinderhead and valves. various fuel pump mounts included as well as all other parts and adjustable timing gears. - Mail for price.

Volkswagen 1.9 TDI engine
A stock VW 1.9 TDI engine (AGR) used in compact diesels. €300

Thermocouple sensors
Paul van Haperen Mail

Thermocouple sensors type K, suitable for all kind of datalogging applications like extreme exhaust temperature measurements up to 1100 °C

• 1500 mm cable with fiberglass insulation and stainless steel overbraid resisting temperatures up to 480 °C
• 100 mm seath length
• Ø2,0 mm seath diameter
• Special seath material resisting temperatures up to 1250 °C
• Typical response time 400 ms
• Also available with miniature type K plug and strain relief
• Can be used in combination with all kinds of data loggers (e.g. Racepak)

Thermocouple type K : € 36,60
Optional compression fitting Ø2,0 x 1/8 BSPT: € 3,80
Optional miniature type K plug and strain relief: € 6,00

gesneden banden
john Mail

gesneden michelin xm108 type157b
650x65x38 voor meer info/foto's mailen.

For sale Compakt Diesel
Rasmus Mamsen Mail

Engine: 1,9 tdi VW
Steal connecting rods
Holset hx40 Turbo
Bosch A pump 10 mm
Water intercooler
Cludge: 3 plates center metal, with 12 spring pressure foot.
Gearbox: Only one gear shaft, directly pull on the rear axle from the engine.
Rear axle: specially build with Nau reductions.
Wheels: Dick Cepek Gigant Puller 31x15x50-15”
Wheel speed 110 km / h
Phone: 30543176 Denmark

SCS gearsets
Emil Roth Mail

SCS twin counter minirod gearsets for sale.
1 set 1.217 part nr 90-0012
1 set 1.474 part nr 90-0029
1 set 1.529 part nr 90-0025
1 set 1.632 part nr 90-0026

All gears are in great condition, most of them have maximum 5 pulls.

250 euro? each set


For Sale
CDH Pulling Team Mail

For Sale

Webasto + watercirculationpump complete 450 €

Electro magnet 150 €

water injection pump New 250 €

Intercooler 1200 €

valve + pressure regulator for water injection 250 €

Double Tank aluminium 130 €

Radiator, ventilator, pump and reservoir 75 €

Filter and filter and bypass fuel 130 €

enderle fuel pumps
Allan Mail Home

Enderle 1100 pumps 17.38 gpm $475. Enderle 990 pumps 15.71 gpm $425. For more info call 423-620-5378

Wanted Rolling chassie
Kent Mail

Complete rolling chassie For Modified Class 3500 with alu rims,tires alu hubs franklin planetaries

Bus or Truck
Allan Pedersen Mail


I need a bus or truck with living to transport my 4,5t farmstock puller.
Please call/sms or mail me with info and pictures.

Best Regards

Allan - Back In Business Pullingteam
Phone: 0045 20898514

tekoop fiat 850
a.engberts Mail

tekoop fiat 850 super

For Sale
Road Runner Pulling Team Mail

Door tijd gebrek tekoop aan geboden.
Complete Roadrunner inclusief reserve onderdelen. Interesse?
Bel 06 54983197 of mail

Trailer for sale.
Old Team Fox Trailer

The old Team Fox trailer is for sale.

Contact :

tyres with rims
de Leeuw Mail

Wanted Firestone Puller 2000 24,5x32 with or without rims

tel +31651485922

tekoop fiat 850
a engberts Mail

tekoop fiat

For sale
Freddy Launey Mail

4,5t modified OURAGAN III twin Griffon
- Rolls Royce Griffon MK 58
- Methanol injection
- final drives with 4 planetary gears
- spare bearings for crossbox and rear axle
- Puller 2000 (new in 2014)
- including transport trailer
Sold ready to run or in pieces

Price: 85.000 trailer included


Brienen den hartog Mail

I'm in Search of end planitairs of a steyr 870. Parts is ok also.

Please email of just call or whatsapp +31615962583

Crower Bellhousing 11 inch
Hurricane Mail Home

Crower Bellhousing 11 inch for sale, €950 or best offer.

NTTO/ETPC allowed, ex Hurricane.
Complete with liner and thrustbearing assembly.

Inner diameter = +- 355mm
Inner depth = +- 200mm

Intrested? Mail to

Pulling parts.
Team Centurie Mail

kontakt: Jan Rasmussen

For Sale
Wil Bijlmakers Mail

I wanted to sell some Carbon Fibre valve covers for Rolls Royce Griffon.
The weight of each cover is 1.5 kg.
Just like on Green spirit, Le Coiffeur, Alligator.
The price will be €850,- for a set.
My Phone number: 0031651339723
Or this mail adress:

Firestone 24.5x32
Claus Fey Mail

Firestone 24.5x32
In good condition

2000 Euro


Front tires for sale
Tim van der Linde Mail


The smoking devil team are selling their old front tires. (used in 2014,2015)

-Two Firestone 5.0-15
-Alumninium rims
-Good condition
-Price 150 €

Zoek een tilton 7.25"
Jochem Mail

Ik ben op zoek naar een tilton 7,25" 3 plaats koppeling. Het Is voor een ford scorpio motor (2.9 v6)
De prise as diameter 1"
23 splines
We willen graag oldstock gaan rijden

rover meteor
klaus pedersen Mail

Rover Meteor engine for sale. Price 1650 euro best regards Klaus Pedersen

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