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For Sale, Sledge Hammer parts
Sledge Hammer Mail

Sledge Hammer Parts for sale:

-Block JP2 no windows, one repaired bearing, honed 4.250’’ €3500,-
-Gear drive JP 1-1 €250,-
-Block Keith Black no windows, has a spun rear bearing €2500,-
-Gear drive Keith Black €250,-
-oil pump Keith Black used €500,-
-7 pc Rods, Brooks 7.154’’ new €500,-
-Veney cylinder heads used, intake 2.5’’ €2250,-
-Intake Manifold standard €750,-
-Veney cylinder heads used, intake 2.4250’ €1500,-
Intake Manifold standard €750,-
-Alan Johnson cylinder heads, intake 2’’€1000,-
Intake Manifold standard for Alan Johnson €750,-
-SSI 14-71 blower, used €3000
-SSI 14-71 blower used, has one broken gear €1750,-
-5pc Blower belts new RCD GT2 8MGT-1600-104 €200,- each
-Oil pan wet sump €300,-
-Used fuel pumps Enderle 990 and 1100 incl flow cart €200,- / €350,-
-New and used pistons, see pictures
-Used sleeves 8x4.310 and 2x 4.250
-2 sets used roller lifters (JP-2) used
-Used camshafts for JP2 and Keith Black
-Set piston rings 4.250 Total Seal €175,-


Look at our Facebook pace for photos:


mini Mail

Looking for an used or damaged bbc blown engine (496 cui and up) without blower and injection.

Van Hool 12m trailer
Frank Rohner Mail

Transport trailer fom Ouragan III for sale.
- Camper with 4 beds and kitchen
- electric winch

Trailer can be visited near Borken, Germany.
Price: 9.900€

For sale
Reinhard Stefansson Mail

Tractor for sale:Silvia Superstock without engine but lot of parts .

Bus: Volvo B10 Van Hool 1989 12,5m three axles.
rear door is hydraulic.
Please give me a call, send an sms or send a mail
Phone:+46(0)708232371 Reinhard (Sweden)

-- Profab gearbox for sale --
Team Hurricane Mail Home

3 speed, heavy duty edition. Bought in 2006. 5% underdrive, prise direct(1:1), 5% overdrive and reverse. Homemade stronger outher axle. Weight 82,5 kg, oil included.
No runs after overhaul this winter, perfect condition. Perfect for your pulling vehicle. €3950, mail to

For Sale
Jeroen Jacobs Mail

Te koop / for sale

Complete light super Stock Engine, runs very good.

Billet crankchaft
Billet connection Rods
Billet pistons
Darton sleeves
Deck plate
Steel camshaft
Gridle with alminium oil pan
Special cylinder head with high flow and big valves
Vsp injection system
Special in en outlet manifold.
Billet holset hx 82 turbo.

Spare engine with set sleeves, pistons enz

Only serious questions

For Sale
Hans Hermann Mail

Zu verkaufen:

Kompaktdiesel Chassis IHC 1066
Rahmen, Überrollkäfig, Vorderachse, Hinterachse (Dana) von Minipuller.
Viele VW Teile (4 Motorblöcke), Turbolader, Kolben, 3 Satz Pleuel
Reifen mit Ackerstolle, Kupplungsglocke Rohling, Einspritzpumpe,
Ladeluftkühler, ein Zylinderkopf, Fächerkrümmer und einen Anlasser.

Preis VB: 3500 €

Tel: 01777965696

For Sale
Hans Hermann Mail

Zu verkaufen:
Günstig abzugeben

Wild Michi Power 2
Freie Klasse 500 Kg
Motor: Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa
Leistung: ca. 200 PS 1300 ccm

Entspricht dem neuen Reglement (Okt. 2015)

Preis auf Nachfrage

Tel. 01777965696

corne luijkx Mail

for sale,
camshaft stage 1 for 1.9vw compactdiesel.

For Sale
Red Attraction Pulling Team Mail

Red Attraction for sale without engine and wheels

Inter motoren
Ruud Mail

2 Inter motoren 466E 7,6 L deze zijn voorzien van een rollenokkenas ideaal voor de sport
voor meer info en prijs bel 06-51255218 of mail

mvg Ruud

inter 466
Ruud Mail

2 Inter 466E motoren te koop compleet
deze blokken zijn uitgevoerd met rollennokkenas ideaal voor de sport
voor meer info en foto's bel of mail

mvg Ruud

Cervo Veloce for sale
Officina Meccanica Albertazzi Mail Home

Pro stock- Cervo Veloce
John Deere Engine 6081
Eagle clutches- 4 discs
Dry ice intercooler

For info:

engine for sale
steve cohen Mail

ford 460 big block engine from 83 f-250

Per Nilsson Mail

Looking for a complete Rockwell F-106 alu Centersection ( TRB) i also need a SCS twin counter shaft gearbox with reverser.

Arnout Herweijer Mail


lenco reverser met tandwielkast.

Camshaft ford billet steel
Team el diablo Mail

Billet steel Camshaft for ford/new hollland for prostock made by Jan.
1000 eúro

Prototype Tornado 2 For Sale
Gianluigi Baroncini Mail

Tractor that built with all top American material for free
35 with two engines (5800 hp) and 45 with three engines (8700 hp) Allison revised
further processed from pure methanol.
For info call on mobile phone.

frame and engine parts
Frank Kramer - Seaside Affair Mail

Used frame incl complete rearend (ex Seaside Affair):
Domex 700 framerails
Rockwell / Humpco rearend complete including drawbar
Franklin / Vreemann planetaries (aluminum carriers with 4 satellite gears and magnesium housings) 4.53 to 1 ratio
Billet aluminum brakes
Billet aluminum GM diff
Rockwell 4.63 or 4.44 ring and pinion
optional with SCS reverser, crossbox shafts and couplers

Set Franklin planetairies
2 pc ring gear
2 pc cast carrier with custom made gears
1 to 4.6 ratio
extra spare gears, pins and needles

SCS Crossbox
1 to 1 ratio
billet aluminum
to run 2 or 3 engines

Littlefield supercharger
8-71 Hi -Helix retro fit
Polished aluminum
K11 rotors

Big Block Ford A460 heads
2.35 titanium intakes
1.88 exhaust
WW engineering Shaft mounted rockers
sheet metal valve covers

Big Block Ford blower manifold:
Blue Thunder manifold
PME Cobra Jet to A460 adapter plates

Big Block Ford lightweight bellhousing
Probell hybrid
8 ⅛ deep
starter pocket
cross shaft holes

Mail for pictures and prices.

for sale
Tobias Köhlen Mail

Standard Tires

Michelin 710/75 R34 3cm Profile
Michelin 650/65 R38 3cm Profile
Michelin 650/65 R42 2cm Profile
Kleber 650/75 R38 3cm Profile

Tires with Cut

Michelin 650/65 R38 3cm Profile round cutting

Michelin 650/65 R42 1cm Profile angular dubel cutting


Holset hx50 28 Exhausthous and Compresserweel 71,5

Rollbar on etpc Regelement


MWM TD226 drilled out on 6,78 liter
With pistons,crankshaft and camshaft

For more Information or pictures send me an e-mail

for sale
Tobias Köhlen Mail

Standard Tires

Michelin 710/75 R34 3cm Profile
Michelin 650/65 R38 3cm Profile
Michelin 650/65 R42 2cm Profile
Kleber 650/75 R38 3cm Profile

Tires with Cut

Michelin 650/65 R38 3cm Profile round cutting

Michelin 650/65 R42 1cm Profile angular dubel cutting


Holset hx50 28 Exhausthous and Compresserweel 71,5

Rollbar on etpc Regelement


MWM TD226 drilled out on 6,78 liter
With pistons,crankshaft and camshaft

For more Information or pictures send me an e-mail

Ids visser Mail

Te koop
4 plaats koppeling 11 inch met drukgroep
Met vliegwiel ,past in een inter 1066 1086 etc.
Is nog een jaar NTTO gekeurd
Foto,s per mail
06 30928120

Aart Mail

New SFI blower restraints 100,-
New & used stageV intake rocker arms new 80,- used 40,-
Used 2.500 & 2.00 titanium valves with tit. retainers, locks, lash caps for veney head
New & used pushrods and adjusters (Manton)
Used velasco crank with crankgear, hub, degreed wheel 4.375 stroke (has a small crack rod bearing 7/8 0.010 undersize) 300,-
New Brooks B2 rods .330 long and .400 long 600,- each
New & used Crane rollerlifters .905 lifter bore 550,- new 175,- used
Used drysump oilpan for BAE/KB block 125,-
Used lakewood steel 8 5/8 with liner bellhousing hemi boltpattern no inspection windows. 600,-
New racepak style pressure transducers 50,- each
Black & Decker valve grinder with cooling and wheel dresser, cabinet. 400,-
Black & Decker valve seat grinders (2 complete sets with pilots,stones dresser,drive motor, etc.) 375,- each
Complete sixshooter timing retard assembly.
Various Hoffer turbine flowmeters
5 used 8mm 1600 75 blowerbelts 7 runs on it. 50,- each
2 big journal roller cams with spec. cards (1 used/ 1 reground) 250,- each
Used MSD promag 44 red coils 10 runs on it. 150,- each
New sparkplugs champion V59C 1,- euro each
Clevite main & rod bearings sets,trays etc.
Casale gear drive assembly raised cam block new & used used 350,- new 700,-
New hemi straight magdrive 450,-
New sparkplug wires
New Tire groove heat knife for cutting pulling tires 100,-
SSi F rotor housing with small crack in the front 100,-
New burstpanels 20,- each
SSI graphite filled round blower strips 10 euro each
Lots off new & used valve cover, oilpan, exhaust, copper headgaskets for veney heads
Used Veney polished high flow injector 1000,-

Prices in euros
Other parts prices and pictures on request everything needs to go

LOOKING FOR Exhaust Housing
Finn-Lasse Streyl Mail

I am looking for an 25cm2 exhaust housing for 112mm hx80/82.

Please mail if you can help.

Cheers Finn

Clutch 4disc
Ids visser Mail

For sale 4 disc clutch with steel flywheel 11 inch ntto checked.
In. Was mouted on a international 414 engene pictures by mail
Tel. 0630918120

pulling tractor
Henry Mail

Te koop

International (Red Danger) zonder motor, past zo een 6 cilinder in verder zeer compleet.

molinari koppeling
diff op naaldlagers
verzwaarde bak met 3 versn.

voldoet aan NTTO reglement ideaal voor 4,5 of 3,6 ton supersport

Tevens motor V8 cummins VTA903-T660(BIG CAM)

voor verdere info:

Octobre rouge
Dominique Mail Instant Messenger

A vendre : pompe d'injection Bosch P9000 - 18 mm. Etat impeccable. Belgique Prix 2.500 €

For sale : Bosch injection pump P9000 - 18 mm. perfect working. Belgium Price € 2,500

Octobre rouge
Dominique Mail Instant Messenger

A vendre moteur V12 transmash russe en ordre de marche. Cylindrée 38,8 litres + pompe d'injection supplémentaire et diverses pièces.
Prix 4.500 €.
To Sale : Russian Transmash V12 engine in working order . Displacement 38.8 liters + additional parts and an injection pump
Price € 4,500 .

International 1066 tractors
USA Tractors & Parts Mail


I got here 2 pc International 1066 tractors in stock, 1 is totaly rebuilt, 2K paint, everything is new. with inline pump and Holset turbo, cluch with 2 plates, 250-300 horses, nice puller in stock classes. price idea is 17500 euro, no taxes.
1 is a fresh catch in the USA, everything is working, exept the clutch is out!
with 2 post canopy! Nice tractor to see
price is 7000euro excl tax 21%

picture's of these tractors and more info you can find at:

Please contact me by mail!!!

in Januari/Februari there will be another 2 Internationals 1066 arive here in the Netherlands, 1 is running the other not.
perfect tractors for start-up with tractorpulling, the all have the dt414(6,85L) engine's inside.

Also we have all the parts new and used for total tractor restore/rebuilt, or engine rebuilt, also for tractorpulling we are the best adress in Europe for the USA Internationals tractors.

Thanks, Frank
USA Tractors and Parts

Varios parts fuel and transmas
Herman staal Mail

Varios parts for sale

Butterfly ex russian invader 2012 season
12 exhaust stacks transmash v12 ( includes EGT fitting)
36 enderle nozzle bodies
24 waterman dropin nozzles and 24 nozzle bodies
3 Fuel distribution pipe ( 8AN inlet 12x 3AN out)

Varios transmash v12 parts

Engine block
Head studs

Email or call for more info

for sale
Søren Jakobsen Mail

Voldsom Volvo and a lot of RR Griffons engine for sale.

5 complete Griffons in parts for sale.
1 complete RR Griffon on patrol.
New selves for RR Griffon
New rings for RR Griffon
New rods for RR Griffon
New ARP bolt for rods A+B side
2 broken RR Griffon block ( hole from rod )
30 pc. Camshaft for RR Griffon
Complete EFI system including laptop
One complete mechanical methanol system
Some enderle fuel pump 1100 and 1200
26 Pc, MSD coils
2 set MSD 10 converted for 12 cylinder
Voldsom Volvo, Chassis with complete rear end and SCS gear, wheel 30.5/32 ( 2500 kg mod.)

And a lot of other RR Griffon parts

Will like to sell it all in one lot, and if not possible then in parts.

For sale; Holset turbos
Marc de Roo Mail

For Sale;
1 x Holset HX40
20” exhausthousing - 10 blade turbine wheel
inlet 60/61, inlet somewhat shortenend

1 x Holset HX40
18” exhausthousing with wastegate incl. New SST outletpipe mounting plate
Inlet 58/59, inlet somewhat shortened
Lip of clamping ring broken however usable

1 x Holset HX 50
22” outlethouse
Uitlet diameter 72/73 mm
Inlet 61.5 / 62.5 mm

All in good condition, for more info send me a Mail

Chassie for sale
Emil Roth Mail

Complete rolling chassie from Swedish Iron Toy,less engine and gearbox!

#Advanced Chassis rearend housing and hitch
#TRB machine third member and differential 6.2 ratio
#Strange axles
#Wilwood brakes
#Docol/CrMo material in all chassis parts
#Front with skidplate and weights

16000 euro

Team Fox

We still have some part's for sale.

Running chassic
Drive line part's
Bell houses
V8 part's

Contact: og

Tires and rim's

Tires and rim's for pulling in all sizes - check out

Tractorpulling trailer
Søren Lüchan Hansen Mail

Low built insulated triple axel trailer used for motorsport.
Things repaired/done before last inspection spring 2015:
*New shock absorbers
*New anchorplates
*4 new whelbearings
*2 new tires
*New parking brake

3500Watt inverter
5000 kg electric winch
With water and plumbing
200 liter cleanwater
200 liter dirty water
60 liter waterheater
wall heater

Only needs panting on the outside (good for own design!)

Link for pictures:

Price: 6900 Euro

Rockwell ring and pinion 4.88
Henk Bosman Mail

Ring and pinion for Rockwell SQHD 4.88 ratio new or used

Te koop gevraagd:Rockwell kroon- en pinionwiel SQHD 4.88 ratio nieuw of gebruikt

Rising Star Team
the Netherlands
tel: ++31 578 641342

Pulling Tractor for sale
Freddy Launay Mail

I have for sale:
The pullingtractor: Ouragan 3
Turn Key 2 Rolls-Royce V-12 Griffon Methanol engines, Mod tractor 4.5 ton
Tractor for sale complete or in parts.
Pictures on email request.
If you have any questions please contact me

Trick Titanium Bellhousing
Sven Mail

Trick Titanium Bellhousing in very good codition incl. new liner

1500 Euro - Free Shipping in Europe

Team Blacksmoke
Henry Mail

Te koop BlackSmoke Nederlands kampioen 2.5ton sport 2015

Voor verdere vragen stuur een mail naar of bel 0620437124

Te koop
Marc Mail

Te koop:

Massey ferguson 1105
Massey ferguson 1130
Massey ferguson 1150
Massey ferguson 1155
Massey ferguson 2745

For sale:

Massey ferguson 1105
Massey ferguson 1130
Massey ferguson 1150
Massey ferguson 1155
Massey ferguson 2745

te koop
Maikel Raats Mail

Deutz 130.06 voor de 3.6t Supersport te koop.

voor verdere info en alleen serieuze interesse bel of mail.

Maikel Raats

Transmash Fuel Pump
Markus Mail

For SALE Fuel Pump for Transmash engine.
12 Cylinder Pump.
One Pump with 10 element, One with 13 element.

For Sale
Klaus Mühlenbrock Mail

Mannheim Magic Pro Stock zu verkaufen

Firestone Dubblecut Puller Reifen 24,5*32
5 Scheiben Crower Kupplung
3 Gang Ron Perry Getriebe
17mm Sigma Pumpe, Neu, noch kein Pull
Columbus Turbo 4,5 Zoll
Billet Kurbelwelle
Billet Pleuel
Kolben von Riverside und Kolben von GMS
Nockenwelle (2 Jahre alt) mit Rollerstößel Riverside
Zylinderkopf geflowt mit großen Ventilen (Titan) BFS
Wasser/Luft Intercooler
Jede Menge Ersatzteile, die werden aber nur mit dem Trecker zusammen oder anschließend Verkauft
Bilder per E-Mail auf Anfrage
0049 170 30 70 422

Mannheim Magic Pro Stock for Sale

Firestone tires Dubblecut Puller 24.5 * 32
5 disc Crower clutch
3 Gear Ron Perry gearbox
17mm Sigma pump, new, still no pull
Columbus Turbo 4.5 inches intake
billet crankshaft
billet rods
Pistons from Riverside and pistons from GMS
Camshaft (2 years old) with roller plunger from Riverside
Cylinder head geflowt with large valves (titanium) BFS
Water / air intercooler
plenty of spare parts, but which are only sold together or subsequently with the tractor.
Images via email on request or 0049 - 170 30 70 422

Pro Stock parts for sale
CDH Pulling Team Mail

Froggy Pro Stock parts for sale.

information and pics check

Wanted Profab or SCS Gearbox
Graeme Mail

Wanted 3, 4, or 5 speed Profab or SCS Gearbox.

Does not need neutral start switch or reverse.

Must be in good working order

Supersport tractor
Morten Kokholm Mail

Looking for a supersport/farmstock tractor for sale...
All brands, or maybe a project, Will prefer 3,6 ton...
Contact me by e-mail:

Turbo HX80
Janosch Scheuvens Mail


Verkaufe einen HX80 mit 90,6mm Verdichterrad, 96mm Abgasrad und 25´ Abgasgehäuse mit HX60 Flansch.
Der Turbo wurde generalüberholt und neue Lager wurden verbaut.

Bei weiteren Fragen stehe ich gerne via Mail zur verfügung.

John Deere parts for sale
Thomas Poulsen Mail

For sale:
6081 8,1 L block from 7710
6466 7,6 L block from 4440
8,1 cranks, cams, pistons/liner
7,6 L rods,
lifters, rod, timing gears, covers, oil pumps, oil pan, 40 serie head, rocker arms.

Complete rear end 30/40serie, or parts, clutch housing, rear end, final drive, all quad range parts, diff with 2-3 or 4 planet Wheels. we goot all.

Thomas Poulsen
+45 40790550

for sale
Søren Jakobsen Mail

New blower belts for sale:

Gates poly chain 14 MGT-1750-75

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