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for sale
CDH Pulling Team Mail

6 ROVER Aluminum V8 Engines Full with 18l capacity, See photos, Make Offer of price

1 Engine disassemble

1 Intercooler, See photo ( Disassembly of Froggy ) Make Offer of price

pictures of the engines and parts, check here:

Team Pack Man Mail

moteur V10 mercedes avec pompe injection piston 140 et injecteurs gros débits +tuyaux injecteurs .
Faire offre de prix

Hemi parts for sale
Aart Mail

(Hemi) parts for sale

New SFI blower restraints
New & used stageV intake rocker arms
Used 2.500 & 2.00 titanium valves with tit. retainers, locks, lash caps for veney head
New & used pushrods and adjusters (Manton)
Used velasco crank with crankgear, hub, degreed wheel 4.375 stroke (has a small crack rod bearing 7/8 0.010 undersize)
New Brooks B2 rods .330 long
New & used Crane rollerlifters .905 lifter bore
Used drysump oilpan for BAE/KB block
New Browell 8 5/8 with liner bellhousing hemi bolt pattern with inspection window
Used Trick Titanium bellhousing with dual titanium liner Hemi bolt pattern
New racepak style pressure transducers 50,- each
Lot”s off fuel pump extensions KB/RCD
KB stage 10 block with good sleeves head studs casale geardrive
Black & Decker valve seat grinders (2 complete sets with pilots,stones dresser,drive motor, etc.)
Complete sixshooter timing retard assembly.
Various Hoffer turbine flowmeters
5 used 8mm 1600 75/85/ 104 blowerbelts 7 runs on it. 50,- each
2 big journal roller cams with spec. cards (1 used/ 1 reground)
Used MSD promag 44 red coils 10 runs on it. 150,- each
New sparkplugs champion V59C 1,- euro each
Clevite main & rod bearings sets,trays etc.
Casale gear drive assembly raised cam block new
New an6/8 hose ends and black nylon braided hose
New sparkplug wires
PAC-1350 /LSM-L1000 Erson E915048 new valve springs
New set veney 2.500 heads with valves rocker assemblys and new moroso valve covers
Used RCD crankhubs crankgears dual keys
SCS Reverser with rearend, drive line couplers
Used flowed enderle fuelpumps.
Flowed enderle nozzles, bypass pills port/hat nozzles etc.
New Tire groove heat knife for cutting pulling tires 100,-
SSi F rotor housing with small crack in the front 50,-
SSi front blower gears
New burstpanels
PSI half round blower strips
Valve cover breathers
Lots off new & used valve cover, oilpan, exhaust, copper headgaskets for veney heads

for sale
Le Coiffeur Pulling Team Mail

Mini-Puller-Chassis for sale...

Komplettes Mini-Puller-Chassis (ohne Motor) zu verkaufen.
Cepeck Reifen 18.4 x 16.1
Eventuell mit Kupplung und Kupplungsglocke
Browell-Alu-Glocke und Crower 10" 3 Scheiben Kupplung.

Bei Interesse gern Mail, PN oder Telefon 0171-493 00 61

Bilder, schaue hier:

Preis auf Anfrage


Completely Mini-Puller-Chassis (without engine) for Sale.
Cepeck wheels 18.4 x 16.1
Perhaps with Clutch and bellhousing
Browell-Alu-Bell and Crower 10" 3 Disc clutch.

If interested please mail to, write a message or call +49 171 493 00 61

pics, check here:

Price on request

For Sale
Stefan Schmidt Mail

Little Screamer 500kg Standart zum Verkauf
Gutbrod 2060 Chassis, Getriebe und Hinterachse
Kohler CH 720 Motor 25PS
Amsbeck Fliehkraftkupplung
Vogel VM 08 Reifen auf Vogel Alufelgen
Europameister 2016
Deutscher Meister 2016 und 2017
picture of the Tractor, check here:

Little Screamer 500kg Stock for sale
Gutbrod 2060 chassis, gearbox and rear axle
Kohler CH 720 engine 25HP
Amsbeck centrifugal clutch
Vogel VM 08 tires on Vogel alu rims
European Champion 2016
German Champion 2016 and 2017
picture of the Tractor, check here:

Telefonnummer / Phone number: 01714514075

For sale
Team neighbours nightmare Mail Home Instant Messenger

For sale

2.5 ton sport klasse top (NTTO)


4 cilinder 4 liters

For info call us or app!

Contact: 0031654645801

Fahr Ahead sportclass tractor
Aad Boers Mail Home

For sale:

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 6 series pulling tractor
2018 Sport class 4.5ton promo competition NTTO, complete package.

Dyno tuned engine: (1 season old)

Deutz BF6L913
Billet pistons and liners
Modified heavy duty cylinder heads
Modified camshaft with billet rocker arms and pushrods
Bosch MW 15mm pump Dikkenberg
HX55 billet

Deutz TW901
3 disk semi-centrifugal clutch
Integrated Ford dual power (1x shifting under load)
2 heavy duty gears forward, 1 transport gear and 1 reverse

Complete Beckhoff datalogging system with touch screen.

Michelin XM108 650/65R38 tires with 26mm thread (Heesakkers)

Several spare parts

For pictures/movies see facebook page and for inquiries use email, whatsapp or call : +31651250381 (past 19:00h)

Parts For Sale Team Lambada
Team Lambada Mail Home

Team Lambada has for sale:

Look for all photo's also in our For Sale page:

- 1x Complete rolling chassis or turn key with engine, ready to run (ex Lambada IX, Advanced rearend, TRB 3rd member, built 2013, 2 years USA, 2 years Europe)

- 1x Keith Black stage 15 with sleeves 4.310 and main caps (repaired)

- 1x Clutch 10 inch 2 discs (ex Lambada IX) with 11 inch alu bellhousing

- 2x SSI 14-71 blowers billet case, good condition (20 runs restripped, front blowers Inter-Techno Lambada)

- 3x SSI 14-71 blowers cast case (10-20 runs restripped, rear blowers Inter-Techno Lambada)

- Various spacers for SSI billet or cast blowers

- 1x Mike Janis 14-71 blower normal case only 30 runs old (restripped 4 runs)

- Various sets used MGP rods 10 - 25 runs 7.126 inch

- 1x set used Veney alcohol cylinder heads with valves, springs, retainers and valve train.

- 4x Clutch disks for Two Wheel Drive

- 1x Complete Humpco third member and diff with reverser 3 years old

- 1x New System One oil filter

- 2x complete dual fuel pump systems with big and ugly injector

- Various used intake/exhaust valves Victory 2.500 inch / 2.000 inch

- Various Darton sleeves 4.310 new / used

- 1x complete Advanced Chassis rear end housing with brake disks, TRB differential with Vreemann gears and driveshafts

- Various gear sets for SCS gear boxes

- Various MSD caps large / small

- Various pistons CP 4.310 new and used

- Various used old style geardrive’s (jp engines, low cameshaft)

- Various dual ignition base with belt or gear drive

- Various used blower pulleys 14mm

- 1x Set old Nitro valve covers

- Various Gates used blowerbelts 14MGT-1568

Send an email to for more information.

Is your item not listed, we have more parts in stock.

Henrik Mail

Te koop

Afmetingen lxbxh 44-50-80
Er zit lekkage in luchtgedeelte
Gaat ongeveer 90 liter water in

Roels Mail

te koop:
1sigmapomp (Mark Martens) 16mm plunjers
1 bosch p8600 pomp 14mm plunjers (van den Dikkenberg)
6 verstuivers 5 gaats 0.70 (van den Dikkenberg)
6 cilinderbussen fiat 8365.25 motor (speciaal staal)
6 geharde drijfstangen fiat 8365.25 motor
verschillende onderdelen fiat 1000


For sale a 2005 suzuki hayabusa 1300 engine in full, good working condition, it was mounted on a 600 free garden pulling. For sale because change of motorization but ready to run,
It can be put on a motorcycle , available.

Price : 2000 €

Phone: 0642183652

Firestone tyres for sale
Team Eager Beaver Mail

Team Eager beaver have for sale:

1 set Firestone puller 2000 30,5 x 32 production year 2002.

tel 0031611014852

For Sale
Pulling Team Kaiser Mail

Best Solution Super Stock Tractor
picture of the Tractor:
German Champion 2016/2017
John Deere Alky Burner
- 8.7L capacity
- engine block only one season old
- VSP hemi head
- new crankshaft
- billet rods (Long machine / USA)
- billet pistons (VSP)
- MSD 8 dual coil ignition
- 4 stage injection system
- waterman fuel pump (brand new)
- 3 stage turbo kit
- KP drysump system setup ( 3 stage AVIAID / USA)
- KP oilfiltersystem (turbo 6"/motor 9")
- water injection system
- old Firestones 10ply (very good condition)
- Midwest Alu rims
- extrem light weight gear housing
(all needle bearing, 3 speed trans (16:1 / 17:1 GMS/USA new in 2017)
- KP 11" 4 disc clutch setup (new in 2017)
- KP tube chassis
- KP clutch liner (DTTO approved)
- Racepak datalogger (8EGT´s, Lambdasond, boost-/fuelpreassure)
- etc. too much to mention....

best of everything - turn key tractor!

Will be sold WITHOUT hood and fenders... tractor can be updated to customers model choice... For pictures and videos see:
or mail us.
- very serious requests only -
stay tuned!!!

William Pullens Mail Instant Messenger

DIV turbo's te koop:

tussenmodel hx50-hx60 inl.73 uitl. 81/97 met 27 huis. miss hele mooie turbo voor 4.5 ton sport.

borg warner sx400 inl 76 uitlaat82/87 met 1.1 huis.

div uitlaathuizen
holset hx 50 25huis
borgwarner 1.1 voor 82uitlaatas
borgwwarner 1.32 voor sx400 uilt 96/88
holset huis 27 pasgedraaid voor borgwarner 96/88 ( meer toeren op uitlaatwiel.)

-motorkap spatborden origineel Belarus 800
-compleet front Belarus 800 ( motor frame vooras )
-stalen nokkenas Belarus
-6 cil P 3000 pomp rsv regelateur ( tafelmodel )

meer info 06-20078023

Transmash v12 alky engine
Michael Mail

Complete engine in running condition
Ready too run and alot off spareparts ca 3 ton asking Price 24500 EUR or Best offer pics and more info Can be send on request please contact on e-mail Brg Michael.

For sale 2 Zvezda v12 engines
Michael Mail

Selling 2 engines in running condition with gearbox asking Price 5500 EUR pr/piece send a e-mail for pics

Blue Deere 3.6t for sale
Bruno Gabriel Mail

3.6ton Supersport Blue Deere for sale

7ltr. PowerTech, 2V Commonrail Head with big Bosch Nozzle holder, Holset HX 60, 16mm pump, Molinari 3 disc Clutch, strong Gearset, needle roller Diff., self made disc Brake.
For pics and more information see Facebook: Blue Deere Tractorpulling.


Zetorpower Mail

Gezocht hx 82 turbo kapot-dummie
Voor project 3.6 supersport

simpson water injection valve
Matteo Mail

Looking for SIMPSON WATER INJECTION VALVE for pro-stock

Trailer for Sale
Cloud Nine Pulling team Mail Home

We have our trailer for sale.

For more info see our ad on our facebook page



Intercooler blocks
Team Next Sensation Mail

Intercooler blocks available in any size. Tested in farm stock and prostock. Delivery from stock. More info call +31 6 53626228 or mail

V12 - hilborn parts and more
H. Staal

Transmash V12 waterjackets
One set in aluminium and one single cast iron version

Hilborn fuel system parts
PG250-5 fuel pump. with flowchart
Hilborn boost sensor
Enderle shutoff valve #8

Aluminium fuel tank
aprox. 35 litre

Aluminum oil tank for turbo's
10 litre
with 12AN fittings and level glass

Airtrac frontwheels new
6-6.00 without rims.

Brandnew Buzzbox
never used

Peterson inline fuelfilter 20AN used
Peterson inline oilfilter 8AN used

for pics or more info call or send wattsapp

Herman Staal

blower for sale
martin westhoff Mail Home

For sale
Used ssi blower 1471.
F3 rotors, 2010
Excl. snout
Spacer as option
Asking 3000€


International 1066
Gerry Leijten Mail Home

For sale:
International 1066 "Someday"
Without fuel pump but complete
With spare engine and various parts
Please contact WhatsApp or by Phone +31627280234
after 17:00 uur

Tandem Axle
C.Wellink Mail

For Sale
Volvo Meritor Tandem truck axle unit with single reduction.
Type RT 40-145A with ratio 3,07.
Ideal axle for building a big pulling sled.
Very low mileage! Without wheels.
Pictures on request throught mail. Just contact me.
price on request.

fuller gears
ronnie Mail

looking for fullergears nr 16733 and 16734

call 0031620119384

For sale MITAS tyres
Team Eager Beaver Mail

Now available MITAS Powerpull 30,5 x 32 tyres.
Ask for introduction price.

Team Eager beaver
Evert van den Top
tel. 0031611014852

TYRES + RIMS IN 31/15.5/15

Hi, I am looking for 2 wheels puller (tires + rims) in 31 / 15.5 / 15 new or used.
Make offer by mail + photos + prices, thank you.

mail :

InternationalDT 466 crankshaft
Cor Braakman Mail

For sale

IH DT 466 crankshaft
IH engine block ( stamped DT467xxxxx)
rods and pistons also availible

3 complete DT 468 engines, running take outs
will be available later this year

luca Mail

Hello i'm looking for a three-disk clutch from 11 in good condition used. If someone contacts me.

Looking for tires 34x18.00x15
MienMasjien Mail

We are looking for tires: 34x18.00x15 or something.
Maximal D = 920 mm. Max With = about 450 mm. Rims 15 or 15,5 inch. Offer all you have, we 'll see what we can do with it

Pulling Headers
stefan kronvall Mail

Pulling Headers Olsen fit BBC with gaskets.

Gardenpuller FK 500
Steffen Mail

Dead Monkey zu verkaufen

500kg Freie Klasse
Motor: Suzuki Swift 1.3 GTI mit Webervergaser
Leistung: ca. 150
Reifen: Pitbull 2
Kupplung: Sintermetal Kupplungsscheibe
Hinterachse: Volvo 240
Getriebe: Suzuki Samurai und Eigenbaugetriebe 3:1

Jede Menge Ersatzteile.

Bilder bei Facebook oder können per eMail gesendet werden.

Preis: 4.500 €

Kontakt :

Gardenpuller Bremswagen
Steffen Mail

Hallo wir brauchen Platz

Deswegen verkaufen wir unser Gardenpuller Bremswagenprojekt. Der Bremswagen entspricht nicht den aktuellen Regelbuch es muss noch die ein oder andere müde Mark reingesteckt werden.

Den Bremswagen haben wir vor drei Jahren aus Holland erworben und ist Teilzerlegt.

Wer Interesse hat bitte per eMail oder Facebook melden aktuelle Fotos können zugesandt werden.

Preis ist verhandelbar.

Facebook: Gardenpulling Team: UNR - Unreality



Vends 1 chassis garden + cage + pont Volvo 340 + arbres de roues + train avant , 350 € .


Vends 1 boite de vitesse Richmond super T10 ( 4 vitesses avant+1 vitesse arrière ) 23 kgs , bon état , révisée , photos disponibles par mail , 1200 € .

Rockwell SQHD / Scania rearend
Claus Fey Mail

We are looking for a rearend Rockwell or Scania including drawbarsystem
Only the house.
Please send pictures

Several pulling parts
John Van Alphen Mail Home

As we've stopped pulling and already sold some parts, we still have some parts left, which might come in handy for some of you. Just a part of this is listed down below.

John deere 6466 engine block.
John deere series 55 stock cylinderhead (no work done to it).
John deere crankshaft, magnafluxed. (with- or without ready-to-mount counterweights).
John deere 8530 hood.
Lightweight fenders for stock, farmstock, prostock, (light)superstock.
Crossbox complete and lots of spare gears.
A lot of Fuller gears (we prefer an all-in-1 buy for the Fuller gears and pricing will be accordingly).
Rockwell diffrentials, standard.
Special made diffrentials which accepts bigger internal gears.
4" stainless steel welding bends and stainless steel pipes.
Thick walled aluminum pipes to make drive shaft shielding.
Stainless steel fuel tanks.
Safety blanket for Allison engine.
Oil catch cans.
Peterson 400 series inline filters.
New Clampco V-band clamps.
Waste gates (for parts, or).
Throttle bodies incl butterfly.
Rockwell ring-, pigniongear 8:39

Note: Not everything is listed or photo graphed yet.

"Stay tuned"

[link="" title=">>>Foto's/pictures<<<"]
[link="" title=">>>Our For sale page<<<"]

Hot Farm Pulling Tractor
Richard Norrgård Mail

Ready for pulling out there?
Here you have a finnish monster John Deere (Sigmatäti) ready for pulling.
Very much money and work is putting in to this tractor.
3 place in Finnish championchip 2016.


7,7 liters engine.
Special made intercoolersystem for best flow.
Holset HX60 Turbo almost new.
Sigma high flow fuelpump and special injectors from america.
55-series head for better flow and bigger valves.
Special made camshaft.
Special logger system for the engine with many sensors around to se everything what happens on laptop.
Built from standard 4x4 4050 to rear wheeldrive 4055.
Gearbox change to Quadrange (the best).
1,2,3,4 gears with A,B,C,D levels and one quickgear to use in every gears.
2 extra pieces Michelin 650/65R38 with rims are included. (Very nice tyres).
Racing feets.
A winner tractor in his class.

Check sigmatäti on youtube for video.

Pm for pictures and price!

Pioneer tires
Torben Madsen Mail

I am looking for a set of Pioneer 18.4-16.1 tires cut to about 6 mm in good shape Can Pick up in made if possible
Hope someone Can help!
Redneck Rebel pulling team

Fuelpump tester
Wilbert van Eersel Mail

For sale fuelpump tester, very complete.For photos and more information send an email

John Deere Parts
Bruggeman Mail

Te koop

John Deere onderdelen

Set tandwielen 28-24 GMS transmissie
Set geharde drijfstangen 8,1 powertech
Cilinderkop 55 Serie geflowd
Set voor velgen 15 inch
2 Krukas 8,1 ltr

Voor meer info of foto's graag een mail naar

DANA 60 Axle 41-10 D 30360 A
Christian Beck Mail

DANA 60 Achse zu verkaufen. Übersetzung ist 41-10

Standort ist bei Kaiserslautern.

Preis 200€

Für mehr Informationen und Bilder einfach anschreiben.

Bellhousing steel
Kristian Pallesen Mail

for sale

complete bell housing steel
with release bearing.

500 euros

Tel. Nr. :+45 29439443

New puller 2000
Team XL Mail

New puller 2000 tires for sale. Both 24,5 and 30,5x32. Contact for more info

The Sheriff Valmet 605
Bandito team Mail

te koop:
The Sheriff Valmet 605
Farmstock 2.5 ton sportklasse 3 cilinder 4 liter
Holset turbo
Bosch pomp 13 mm ( Dikkenberg dieseltuning )
klaar voor NTTO 2017
ook ingeschreven als bijschrijver promo 2017

Pro Puller Tires
Aaron Docter Mail

Pro Puller Tires offers a range of pulling tires, including 30.5x32, 24.5x32, 20.8R38, and soon will have the 18.4R38. We are trying to find a way to get into the European market, and would love to hear about the interest in our products. Our unique design on tires allows for up to 15% more ground footprint per tire! More footprint = more traction.

Feel free to get a hold of me by email at or message me on facebook at

Aaron Docter

11"clutch/ flywheel/belhouse
Hagens Mail

For Sale!

11" Compleet Crower Clutch with 4 plates and alu flywheel (including John deere starters wreath)
11" Steel Belhouse NTTO approved with clutch vork and release bearing
New Bosch 24v starter; that wil fit on the JD wreath and belhouse( gap)
And a extra crower pressure group-/plates

Everthing in one sale!

Price and pictures can be send by email!

Looking for a alu block
Team Eager beaver Mail

We are looking for a New Century alu block.
For instance 4.50 bore, 10.200 Deck high, raised cam.

Best regards,
Team Eager beaver
Tel 003161014852

MBR Minor Brothers Engine
Team Habermann Mail

MBR 471cui Engine for Sale

Complete Intake to Pan
Billet MBR Block
Billet MBR Heads
Magnesium Intake Manifold
Magnesium Valve Covers
Victory Titanium Valves
Pac Springs
Bryant Crankshaft 3.700"
GRP Rods -New-
Arias Pistons -New-
Darton 4.500" Sleeves -New-
CAM Effects Roller Lifters -4Runs since New-
Erson Camshaft
and and and...

This is the latest MBR stuff outside and the fastest Material in Europe.Last Run it made a 5.30sec@271mph in a Top Methanol Dragster. Asking 25000€ from Intake to Pan.