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WTB Mitas 30.5 Tires
Cody Mail

Looking to buy a couple pair of Mitas 30.5-32 Pulling tires, already cut. 931-212-3602 or

Light mod diesel Transmash
Team D Power Mail Home

For sale
D Power Light mod
Transmash 38,8 L diesel
Bosch P pump 13 mm max 1000 cc
Bosch injectors 5x0,58
stronger valve springs
2x Holset HC5a (HX80 size)
Webasto 23 kW heater and 16 bar compressor
2 spare engines can be included

Alliance tires
Bas Liefting Mail

Alliance pulling tires 301 Rocket puller 30,5L 32 new! Uncut weights 204 kg

For Sale
Richard Rockefeller Mail

For Sale: Modified Tractor, can run 2,3,4,5 engines, comes with 3 Chevy’s, partial list, Banter rear, Chromoly LB22, F11, 44, SCS, 3 speed Kipply, Dyno Papers. $95K,

Contact for further information.

24,5 32 tires double cut.
Dries Aerts Mail

Double cut tires 24,5 32 10ply
Very Nice tires.


sigma pumps
Arjen Mail

3x sigma pumps for sale

2x 8 cylinder
1x 6 cylinder

all standard pumps.

FK Tractor 3,5 to
Manfred Obruly Mail

Günstig wegen Teamauflösung zu verkaufen:L'Aspirateuer FK Tractor 3,5 to, 3x Isotov TV 2,
Puller 2000, Midwest-Alu, bei Interesse kurzes Mail!
Turbinenabnahme wird noch gemacht! Fertig für Saison 2020

Puller 2000 30.5
Aftermath tractor pulling Mail

For sale I have one set of puller 2000 30.5 on Midwest rims Franklin bolt pattern very good condition
Pm for more info or call
Dan 07791527935

Want to buy
Erkka nisonen Mail

Do you have or do you know anyone that would have these parts used in stock.

BBC Chevy Blower manifold for 14-71blower, std deck or tall deck

6inch magneto offset drive for BBC tall deck that would Be usable with Mallory

Rear axle complete
't Smidje team Mail

For sale
Complete rear axle currently used in light mod tractor "t Smidje"
- 6mm steel home made housing
- diff. Rockwell SQHD 3.55 ratio on needle bearings
- aluminium Mercedes/MAN planetary's 3.95 ratio, steel carriers
- brake disks
- drive shafts
- hook assembly / construction
- can be sold with home made reverser
Email for pictures, price or details

Bandit parts for sale
Eurol Bandit Team Mail Home

Bandit parts for sale, check our facebook page for pictures:

1 complete set 2007 Veney alcohol cylinder heads, €2000,-
2 sets of Morosso Valve Covers Hemi, €150,- for a set.
3 sets of Dan Olson exhausts, €100,- for a set
1 two section fuel pump.
2 polished 14”side rims, Franklin Planetaries (so only the polshed side), €250,- for a rim.
1 set rear fenders, 36 KG,
Several Rockwell gear sets.
Several Clutch parts, for low prices
Several ignition bases, for low prices
Several fuel pomps, for low prices,
Several shut off or trottle cables
Second hand valves, cam shafts, rods, etc.
2 sets of Veney fuel cylinder heads with Valve covers and rocket stands, €150,- for a set
Several oil pumps wet sump €100,- each.
Keith Black stage 7 engine raised cam.
Keith Black stage 10 engine raised cam.
Fast gear differential (Green Monster produced) for Rockwell rear axle. €4500,-
Several drive shaft axles and couplers, also for connection 2 blocks crank to crank.

For more pictures of the parts visit our Eurol Bandit Facebook page and look in the used parts map. Sent personal message for more info when you have serious interest.

Team Eurol Bandit

Super Modified Tractor
Brent D Nation Mail Home

Tractor chassis is all Engler crome-moly.
Engler cross boxes.
Titanium bell housings.
Three disc clutches.
Magnesium planetaries.
Firestone pullers are Pristine condition.
Engines are 557 Ken Veney engines.
SSI 871 blowers with all intake mods.
Engines are dry sump with alcohol evaporaters.
Veney injectors.
Racepak data logger with dash.
Tractor is 100% complete and ready to start!
195,000 us dollars.

the challenger
Gabriel Sintmaartensdijk Mail

2 disk 8 inch clutch Mollinari
1 season used short runs 2017
hemi bolt pattern
inspectes by ntto and ready to use for 2020

1 set rims mini unlimited tyres 18.4-16.1

ring pinion ford 9.5 inch ratio 3.6
3 runs used

foto's mail to:
call : arwin de klerk  +31655723954  

mini puller for sale
team ghost Mail Home

Complite turn key 950 kg mini with V12 Rover Meteor as running in 2019.. 17.500 euro
for image look on the team page there is a link to site at the top.

Columbus Billet 17 mm pump
Søren Nærland Mail

Columbus Billet 17 mm fuelpump for sale.
Very good condition, ca 25 runs since new.
Set at 1950cc
Serviced before last season.
Send e-mail for pics
€ 10500,-

Soren Nærland
Loaded Deere Pullingteam
+47 99235474

For Sale
Josef Ries Mail

Wolpertinger 3,5 t Modified

Motor: V12 Rolls Royce Griffon
37000 ccm - 3500 PS - 2,8 bar LD
Afgas Injection-Pump + WM
Zündung: Mallory Supermag V
Reifen : Firestone 30,5 x 32
Preis : VB - Anfrage
Achse: Magirus / ZF

Fotos - mail:
WhatsApp : ++49 1703218842

CDS sigma fuel pump 16mm
Broeks Mail

For sale

CDS sigma fuel pump 16mm
In good condition.
For pictures and other information send a email to

Cougar 950 Mini Modified
Andersson / Evans Mail

Cougar mini modified for sale
Would like to sell complete, but it might be okey to sell engine and chassis seperately.

Chevrolet 572 cui
Big Chief heads, SSI 14-71 Hi-Helix blower, Carrillo pistons, Carrillo rods, KB Olds block, MSD 44, Waterman fuel pump
Eagle 2-disc clutch, Bowell aluminium bellhousing, Ford 9” rear, IH planeteries with aluminium housing, reverser, Wilwood brakes, Docol chassis and R.O.P
2 sets Pioneer tires on aluminium rims, starter with Optima batteries.
Race ready with new rods, new piston rings, new bearings, new ring/pinion, everything checked and prepared to pull, including spare parts.

Wannted: aluminium rims
Lebrun Mail


I m looking for one set of rims (can consider offer for tyres +rims).

Send pictures and détail by phone whatsapp or email. 0033.699.357.079

Thank you

SQHD SLHD Ring and Pinion
Henrick Wijnne Mail

For Sale

SQHD SLHD Ring and Pinion
ratio 4.63
Ex Red Attraction

Price: 400,- euro


iessel diesel parts for sale
Erik Meijer Mail Home

Te koop:
- 3 sets tandwielen 45 mm. breed, 0,97/0,92/0,87:1 Vreemann . Passend in Ford 8600/9600 TW op de 4 de versnelling.
- Set klepveren 85 kg./lichtgewicht veerschotels / klepspieen/ inlaatkleppen passend op Ford 4/6 cil.
- Verslepen nokkenas 6 cil. Ford (Limited SuperStock).
- inlaatspruitstuk komma vorm
- uitlaatspruitstuk center.
uitlaatspruitstuk origineel TM 6 cil.
inlaatspruitstuk origineel TM.

IHC Parts
Markus Koop Mail

Zu verkaufen:
Geschliffene IHC 6 Zylinder Nockenwelle
Bearbeiteter IHC 6 Zylinder Zylinderkopf

Die Teile wurden in einem IHC D358 verwendet.

Mehr Infos per Mail:

For sale:
Regrinded IHC 6 cylinder camshaft
Flowed IHC 6 cylinder cylinder head

The parts where used in an IHC D358.

More info via mail:

Aluminium Rims
Gonzague Mail


I m looking for one set of aluminium rims 24.5R32. Franklin bolt pattern is better. I also consider offer with tyre.
Please send me pictures and price by email or 0033.699.35.70.79

Thank you,

Pieter Admiraal Mail Home

TWD Puller Dr. Power stage V
John Deere starttrekker, reservedelen en toebehoren.

Bouwjaar 2010
Gezet stalen frame 3mm
Body BMW 3-serie E21
Rockwell achteras
Mercedes plantairs
SCS Reverser
Ford SVO motor (deze is gesneuveld eind seizoen 2015)

Bieden mag.

Meer info via: of bel tijdens werkdagen 0187-641954

for sale
Team Ghost Mail

Complite turn key 950 kg mini with V12 Rover Meteor as running in 2019.. 17.500 euro

Also 2 x V12 Meteor only engine block with crankshaft and connecting rod 800 euro

Also turn key mini with V8 Rover Metorit and kopressor

Mini mod parts
stefan kronvall Mail

I have: Roll over protection, wedge frame (channel chassie)

Turbo HX 82 Neu
Meyer Nico Mail

Zu Verkaufen
Hx 82
28cm 2
Turbinenwiel 112-129mm
Inlaatwiel 95.00-97,50mm
Turbo ist Neu.

2800,-€ VB
Fotos per Mail - whatsApp
Kontakt :
whatsApp 0151-64327213

Searching Meritor ring&pinion
Frank Medinger Mail Home


we are looking for a Meritor RD20145 ring&pinion in 4.33 and/or 4.11. Prefered location would be Europe.

Best regards,

Maximum Risk 2018 chassis
Van der Waal Pullingteam Mail

For sale Maximum Risk 2018 components chassis;

- Case IH Magnum 335 hood incl. headlamps
- Frontweight
- Dashboard
- Side skirts
- Floorboard
- Clutchpedal
- Brake pedals incl. master cylinders
- Hydraulic hood tilt kit ( cylinders and pump )
- Ultra light rearend housing with drawbar and wheelie bar
- 2 bar rollcage
- Lightweight seat

Price : € 26.500,-

Suitable for Super Stock, Pro Stock, Super Stock Light and Supersport.

If you want to see some pictures, just go to

If you are interested, please contact Rob van der Waal at
+31 ( 0 ) 6-53428598, or send an e-mail to

Patrice Cabec Mail Home


Wanted SQHD ring & pinion
BK Power Mail

Wanted Original Rockwell/Meritor new or used ring &pinion
6.17 and 5.83 ratio

Hemi parts for sale
BK Power Mail

#new Browell 8 5/8 aluminum bellhousing
# new psi roots blower strips new/used hemi pulling roller cams
# new &used Crane .905 hemi roller lifters.
# SKF blower bearings for SSI blower
# new Stage V intake rocker arms new/used manton pushrods/adjusters
# new sparkplug wires, Clevite bearings, NGK606-11 sparkplugs, used fuelpump extensions
# enderle hat/port nozzle bodys flowed nozzles and by-pass pills, high speed lean outs, check valves, fuel shut-offs.
# lots off new/used an hose steel and nylon braided and hose ends 6and 8 an
# new racepak style pressure transducers
# used 6 runs blower belts 8mmGT 1600 long 75mm width new 104mm 8mmGT belts and pulleys
# 1 used KB stage 10 block with headstuds/nuts 4.310 sleeves and KB geardrive
# new Velasco Hemi crank 4.500 psi spline
# Hoffer turbine flowmeter 0,75-7,5GPM new 2,5-29gpm new and some used ones
# LSM L1000 valve springs 440@2.300 16 new
# Erson springs 048 390@2.100 8 new
# 2 like new 3 bolt starterdogs
# 11”clutch discs 5135 material. no hub
# complete six shooter timing retard assembly
# new& used SCS reverser and couplers
# AFT slide valve and BDK valve
# Fram HP6 pilfilters
# New Rage 25gpm fuelpump
# Complete Racing radio system for 3 crewman and driver
# new Star Racer Racer Plus 11mm belts 1595-084

te koop/for sale
martin kustermans Mail

te koop:
2 Inter 466 blokken ,stalen lagerkappen ,gehoond
geboord 124
1 goede krukas met verzwaard contragewicht slag 136
2 krukassen origineel slag 136
6 bussen (v.d.Waal)
6 zuigers 124 (v.d.Waal)
6 drijfstangen (Koebrugge)
2 cilinderkop alu billet, met werk
1 nokkenas
1 tuimelaaras
1 RVS carterpan
1 Dekplaat
2 alu gordel

1 diverse: dummy motorblok inter 466 met 4 drijfstangen (v.d.Waal), 4 zuigers en 4 bussen. (krukas gebroken)

voor info en/of foto's mail naar

Te koop
J vd kieboom Mail

Te koop
6x zuigers alci 124
2x remschijven
2x hillborn alcoholpompen+tandwieladapterkast+aandrijftandwiel
Tel. 0629038112 e-mail:

IH DT 436 Crankshaft
Cor Braakman Mail

For sale

IH DT 436 Crankshaft

Rods 0.20
Mains 0,30

Fresh from the machine shop
Located is Eastern Holland

Mini modified parts
Erkka Nisonen Mail

Hello we have for sale following items:

2x SCHWITZER turbos, condition ok working well, 50mm wastegates.

Intake manifold,headers, goes straight to Rodeck bbc

Selling without fuel systems

For all asking 1500€ obo, just ask if you are interested.

Video of testrun this year:

call +358443575700 or email.

Tractor Puller
Jacob Jensen Mail Home

Tractor Puller For sale
Erly B-Divition in Denmark ( Limited modified )
V8 Diesel Kiovitc Engine .
asking 13500 Euro
contact Jacob Jensen

Mitas Powerpull for sale
Rowan Zeinstra Mail

Sjors and Rowan Zeinstra

For Sale

So good as new Mitas powerpull tires 4 mm ridge,Cut 27 degrees. whith 28 inc rims Caterpillar and Franklin stitch .

Euro 8500-,

for info send a e-mail to
or Call Rowan Zeinstra +31646892242

Oliver 1955
Björn Schütte Mail

For Sale

German Champion 2019

4,5t Sport/Supersport Tractor
Oliver 1955

Motor Cummins 8,3l 3200rpm (2019 komplett überholt und überarbeitet)
Holset Hx60
Bosch P7000 / 16mm Elemente (überholt)
4 Scheiben Kupplung
Ladeluftkühler Luft/Wasser
Getriebe 49 54 kmh
Puller 2000 von 2018
Leichte Felgen
Viele sachen erneuert


For sale Green Hope II
Bjarne Lykke Hansen Mail

For sale Green Hope II 3600kg Farm Stock

Motor. IH DT 358 6 L
Cilinderhead. With bigger valves and flowed
Carmshaft. Billet
Turbocharger. HX 60 87/99 billet by B.B
Fuel pump. Bosch P 3000 13mm
Intercooler. Home made by Lille Bjørn
Cloutch. 4 Disc. B.B
Gearbox. Home made by Big Mamma
Tires. Puller 2000 on steal rims

Price 30500 Euro

If interested please mail to
or call to 004551214009

Bas Liefting Mail

For sale pro puller 30,5 x32. 10 ply used two events

Rockwell/Meritor differentials
Edwin Mail

I have several complete drop outs for sale. Both Meritor 145 series and SQHD. Also several R&P sets available. Can put the diffs complete on needle bearings if needed.

I heb diverse complete drop out differentiëlen te koop. Zowel Meritor 145 series als SQHD. Ook van beide type diverse kroon en pignon sets te koop. De differentiëlen kunnen ook compleet op naaldlagers worden gezet

Oliver 1955
Björn Schütte Mail

For Sale/zu Verkaufen

Oliver 1955 Sport/Supersport Tractor

Cummins 8,3L 3200rpm Bosch P7000 16mm
Holset Hx60 4 Scheiben Kupplung Intercooler,Oliver Getriebe bis 54 kmh,
Puller2000 uncut
App +491715495295

Hilborn alcoholpomp
J vd kieboom Mail

2x hilborn alcoholpompen + tandwieladapterkast + aandrijftandwiel

Firestone Puller 2000 tyres
Henk Bosman Mail

For sale: one set Firestone Puller 2000 30.5 x 32 new uncut, one set used Firestone Puller 2000 30.5 x 32 on Midwest rims and one set used Firestone Puller 2000 30.5 x 32 without rims. for information mail: or tel. ++31 62075 3064 Henk Bosman Rising Star Team

Pulling Tyres
Team Whittingham Mail

New Mitas pulling Tyres for sale , both cut & uncut, can all so be supplied on rims, for the best prices around email or call us.
we all so have 2 sets of used Firestone puller 2000 Tyres on Midwest rims in excellent condition
Contact Paul on +44 (0) 7768 273589

Distributors and Datalogger
Team Smoking Devil Mail


We are looking for:
- Two complete ignition distributors with 12 connections each
- And a Datalogger with at least 4 ore more connections

For any offers please contact!

Team Smoking Devil

Pulling tyres
Team Whittingham Mail

We have New Mitas pulling Tyres for sale , both uncut & cut , can be supplied on rims if needed, contact us for the best price on them
All so two used sets of puller 2000 tyres on mid west rims one set cat bolt pattern the other franklin for sale in very good condition

For Sale
Le Coiffeur Pulling Team Mail

-Midwest Felgen 27 Zoll mit Firestone Puller 2000 geschnitten und gehärtet von Bob Parks
-CAT 966 Planeten in Alu Gehäuse und Magnesium Träger plus ein Stahl Set extra
-Ansaugstutzen RR Griffon oder andere Motoren in großer Stückzahl vorhanden

pictures of the parts, check here:

Bei Interesse gern Mail oder Telefon 0171-493 00 61

Günstiger 3.5to Hobby Trekker
Guido Gahlinger Mail Home

Zu Verkaufen

Günstiger Einsteiger-Traktor 3.5to Hobbysport

-Basis Fortschritt ZT300
-4Zyl. 6.6lt. VEB IFA Motor
-Bereifung MICHELIN XM108 650/65R38
-Einspritzpumpe Gehäuse Original BARKAS mit Sonderelementen
-Dreischeiben-Kupplung mechanisch, Sonderwelle am Getriebeeingang
-Verstärkte Verbindung Motor-Getriebe
-Sonderkopfdichtungen für Turboaufbau vorhanden
-inkl. diverser Ersatzteile und Literatur

Bilder unter:

Bei Interesse Tel. 0041798286828