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te koop Bosch P7100 16mm.
Kik Mail

Te koop

Bosch brandstofpomp P7100 met 16mm plunjers. is gemaakt voor 3,6/4,5ton supersport. gemaakt door diesel center vd Dikkenberg.

voor meer info bellen of mailen.

For sale

Bosch fuel pump P7100 with 16mm pistons. was designed for 3.6 / 4,5ton supersport. Powered by diesel Center vd Dikkenberg.

turbo, cilinderheads, crank
w de vos Mail

For sale:

5"hyper turbo

hyper tall cylinder head flows 400+cfm titanium int valve, inconel exhaust valve. incl hyper rocker arms.

IH cil. head flow around 400cfm titanium int valve, inconel exhaust valve. in perfect condition.

Crankshaft IH 436 incl counter weight, used.

Firestone 8ply 30,5/32 with ri
Russian Roulette Team Mail

Firestone 8 ply 30,5/32 24 cam (ex White Horse 7)
The rimms has two bold patterns: CAT and Mercedes.

Offset outsite (polished): 15 inch
Offset inside: 12 inch

For more information send email to


For Sale
Le Coiffeur Pulling Team Mail

Chassis,Käfig,Gurte,Zugpendel, Micro Bremsen, Vorderachse mit Lenkung usw komplett zu verkaufen 2200 Euro VB.

Chassis,Rollcage,Belts,Hitch,Micro brakes,front axle with steering etc. completely for sale 2200 Euro VB.

pictures, check here:

Requests per mail to
or per phone to +49(171)4930061

allis chalmer 7060 sport
marcelvandijk Mail

te koop, allis chalmers 7060 sport edition, trekker is geheel professioneel klaargemaakt voor de 4.5 ton sport, trekker staat ingeschreven bij de ntto en is voorzien van een startnummer. voorzien van vele extra en alle originele onderdelen voor vragen en foto's kunt u kijken op

Old Firestones Minipuller
Maik Straatman Mail

I am looking for old and light Firestones for Mini Modified 950kg in good condition, max. weight 30-40 kg.
Kind regards
Maik Straatman +49(0)151-20197199

Littfield 14:71
stefan kronvall Mail

Littlefield 14:71 hihelix retrofit new teflon with snout.

pulling headers
stefan kronvall Mail

Pulling headers, Dan olson ,Chevy style, almost new

External diesel adjustment kit
Aad Boers Mail Home

For Sale:

External diesel adjustment kit for Bosch RSV governor (Bosch A, MW & P injection pumps)

2017 model featuring:

* Adjusting the maximum capacity of the diesel pump without the aid of tools.
* 10 clicks per rotation, self-locking.
* Position read-out per 1/10th of a rotations
* Adjustment range: 6 rotations of adjustment screw.
* Capacity change per click is depending on diesel pump specifications, ask your diesel pump
supplier for the specific number.
* Increase/decrease diesel supply rotation direction engraved into cover.
* Oil level plug integrated into cover.
* Oil drain plugs (2x) integrated into cover

Price: €160 excl. VAT and shipping costs
Now on stock and shipping world wide.

Instruction manual

Clutch Disc 11"
Dieselpuller Mail

For sale: Clutch Disc 11" 5135 without Center.

Clutch Disc 11"
Dieselpuller Mail

For sale: Clutch Disc 11" 5135 without center

TeKoop: NH8970 4,5t superspo
Eddy v/d Berg Mail

Te koop:

white stallion two. 4,5 ton supersport tractor.
* motor New Holland 8970 7,5L omgebouwd naar 9.0L
*krukas slag vergroot * boring vergroot en Darton bussen * Billet drijfstangen* Billet zuigers met total seal zuigerveren * aangepaste cilinderkop met vergrote kleppen en meest haalbare Flow * speciaal inlaat en uitlaat spruitstuk* HX82 turbo billet met special lager*rollen nokkenas* Billet tuimelaars met rollers* sigma brandstofpomp* Billet verstuiverhouders met aangepaste verstuivers* water/lucht intercooler, banden michelin 710/75R38 laatste nieuwe profiel heesakkers* voorbanden 16 inch 4 ribs* aangepast en verzwaard kroon/pionwiel* staal vliegwiel en 4 plaats koppeling* versnellingsbakhuis met ingebouwde profab versnellingsbak, 4 versnellingen* veel mogelijkheden door tandwielen te wisselen* differentieel omgebouwd op naaldlagers*Tractor volgens nieuwe NTTO regels goedgekeurd. voor meer info neem contact op.

Tel: 0622406994

Te koop/ for sale
Team Eager Beaver Mail

Te koop

Set MITAS powerpull banden 30,5x32, nieuw, zonder profiel.
Direct leverbaar.

For sale
Set Mitas powerpull tyres, new, without profile.
Delivery-time: on stock in Holland.

Best regards
Team eager beaver
Evert van den Top
tel 0031611014852

Rockwell Diffrential
Markus Mail

Needle bearing Diff for a Rockwell SQHD or
Original Diff for a Rockwell SQHD.
Parts or Complete.
Thanks Markus

Cloud Nine TWD for Sale
Ruud van Oers Mail

For Sale

Cloud Nine TWD rolling chassis (excl Engine)

Home made frame Domex 700 (nothing welded on the chassis)

Send an email if interested

Lambada VIII + parts for sale
Team Lambada Mail

For sale:

Gencom Lambada VIII

Turn Key or rolling chassis.

Chassis: Homemade tube chassis (2012) with Advanced chassis rearend housing and Aluminum TRB F106 center section and Pioneer tires with rims.

Engine: engine can be build with various specifications.

Also we have various new and used parts for sale:

1x Keith Black block (Stage 15, repaired),
Molinari clutch 10" 2 disc
Browell bellhousing
Various new sets Pioneer mini tires,
Moroso Valve covers,
Gates Blower Belts,
Winberg TWD crank 4,250",
Various sets of CP and JE pistons,
Veney Nitro cylinder heads,
Various sets of lifters

For photo's and information:

For Sale album Lambada

or mail to:

Curtiss Wright R-3350
Serge Mail

Wanted: front row cylinders for Curtiss Wright R-3350

TWD Chassis
Johan Mail

Chassis of Team XL TWD fro sale. Contact for more info.

Curtiss Wright fuel line parts
Daniel Mail

fuel line parts for Curtiss Wright Turbo Compound engine:

- pair of Bendix injection pumps D9H1, in useable condition (plungers should be OK), if possible with control link rod
- fuel injection nozzles
- Stromberg PR-58-S2 Master Control Carburetor
- Fuel feed pump Thomson

Also wanted:
- broken or blown crank case, with crank shaft and some con-rods if possible (should not be to expensive, will be used as an display item)

Wanted Brake Calippers
Rikard Mail

Brake calippers for Light Modified.
Van der Waal, VSP or similar

Wanted SCS Reverser

SCS Reverser for Light Modified

wikam pulling parts Mail

Te koop aangeboden :

Turbo HX82

Uitlaathuis 22
as 96mm
billet wiel 85.50 / 90 / 95

Farmall 806
Cor Braakman Mail

For sale

Farmall 806

2 outlets
fast hitch

Coming soon:

Farmall 1206
Good complete tractor
Engine needs work

Also 1 806 which would make a good base for a puller

Mail naar: White Horse Mail Home

Ring and Pinion Set - Dana 60
Tractorpullingteam Exception Mail

Ring & Pinion set - Dana 60

2 sets NEW Richmond Ring & Pinion sets.
Brand: Richmond
Serie nr: 79-0077-1
Ratio: 4.56
Teeth: 41 - 9
Fit for: Dana 60

For more information please send an email to

Kind regards

Mark Blom
Tractorpulling team Exception

looking for mini rims
Ghost Mail

looking for minipuller rims the old ligth type used or maby new.

for sale
Sven Meierjohann Mail

SCS 30 Gearbox with total ratio 1600, very good condition
4000 Euro

Mallory Super Mag III complete with cable
750 Euro

John Deere & Claas Pullers
Bruggeman Mail

Wir haben für den Verkauf wegen Neubau

John Deere 7830
4,5 ton supersport
8,1 l powertech Motor mit 8,9 l Hubraum
Kopf bearbeitet & große Ventile von Barend Huybrechts winter 2015-2016 montiert
bearbeitet Nockenwellen von Barend huybrechts winter 2015-2016 montiert
Sigma pump mit 17mm Elemente
Hx 82 Turbo
großer Wasser lade luft kuler
4 Scheiben centrifugal Kuplung 12.5 Zoll
Getriebe Gene machines shop 2 Gänge (3 mogelich)

Claas Arion 540
3,4 ton supersport
auf John Deere basierend gebaut
Motor John Deere 4045 Powertech 16 ventile
getriebe John Deere 2130
kuplung 3 platze centrifugaal
Reifen 650/65R38

Mehr info Mail
oder Facebook "Bruggeman Tractorpulling"

Hemi Engine
Carl-Anders Mail

Complete Hemi engine 495 CUI
Jp2 Block, Veney heads, SSI blower, Sassy dualpump fuel system, MSD 44 ignition.
For more info send a mail

mark Mail

wanted 7 1/2 inch deep chevy bellhousing

For sale
Team Eager beaver Mail

We have for sale a lot of spare parts for BB chevy like:

Roller lifters
Push Rods
Offset for ignition
System one pil filters


For Sale
Le Coiffeur Pulling Team Mail

RR Griffon MK 58 (Race-Griffon on alcohol)

- after complete oerhaul only 3 runs on pulling in perfect condition
- runs on methanol
- with all pieces to drive with alcohol (MSD8 ignition box, completely alcy-system a.s.o.)
- cylinder liner are new
- rods from Toolox
- stronger rod bolts
- completely differens oil system
- lots of CNC-work
- approx. 25 kg lighter than a standard Griffon
- turn key ready to run
- light gearbox with fly wheel
- light modified valves (Chevy-racing-valves with 2.02 inlet and 1.88 outlet)
…and many more…

Price: on request

Also for sale away are other Griffon spare parts:

- blower clutch
- pistons and piston rings
- cylinder liner
- compressor for Griffon
...and a lot of more parts…

Prices: on request

Requests per mail to
or per phone to +49(171)4930061

For Sale
Le Coiffeur Pulling Team Mail

LS1 Corvette-Chevy-Engine

- full aluminium
- after car excident some broken pieces on the block

Price: 1.400€ (asking price)

Requests per Mail to
or per phone to +49(171)4930061

For Sale
Le Coiffeur Pulling Team Mail

Inlet tubes

- for RR-Griffon or different style of engines

Price: 20,00 € per piece (fixed price)

Requests per mail to
or per phone to +49(171)4930061

For Sale
Le Coiffeur Pulling Team Mail

Griffon spare parts:

- blower clutch
- pistons and piston rings
- cylinder liner
- compressor for Griffon
...and a lot of more parts…

Prices: on request

Requests per mail to
or per phone to +49(171)4930061

For Sale
Le Coiffeur Pulling Team Mail


- homebuild gearbox made from 7075 aluminium
- very strong, Griffon proved
- gear ratio 2,3
- different gear ratio 2,5

Price: 3.900 € (asking price)

Requests per mail to
or per phone to +49(171)4930061

searching tires
Jan Mail

I searching a pair used 31×15.50 Dick Cepek Tires with Alu Rims


Injection pump and injectors

DX PULLING TEAM have some injection pump and injectors for sale,

*1 injection pump BOSCH PE8P130 with 13mm plungers, RSV governor for 4000rpm and valve modified, and 8 injectors DLLA150S1137 modified to 8 hole of 0.38mm, the pump with the injector was adjust on flow bench for have around 950 cc after the injectors,
We 2 same original spare pump and some injectors include,
Price for all :2000 €

*1 injection pump PE8P120 with RQV governor 12mm plungers for have a flow of 450cc,
Price : 600 €

For more informations please contact me at :
phone : +33632490654


DX PULLING TEAM have some original and modified turbochargers for sale :

*1 turbocharger KKK K42 modified and 1 other spare KKK K42 original, 1 turbocharger is ready for Tractor Pulling competition with complet protection include inlet grid, exhaust pipe and emergency closing mechanism for diesel application,
Very strong turbo, never have problem with them, 1 turbo deliver 4 bar on V8 IVECO 17.2L on diesel,
Original turbo specification :
-compressor inducer 90mm
-turbine exducer 108mm, housing 32
Modified turbo specification :
-compressor inducer 104mm
-turbine exducer 108mm, housing 38
Price of the 2 : 1500€

*3 turbochargers GARRETT T04b05:
-compressor inducer 50mm, A/R 0.5
-turbine exducer 66mm, 0.96
This 3 turbochargers are from original V8 IVECO 17.2L 480ch with boost pressure of 1.4 bar
Price of the 3 : 400€

*1 turbocharger KKK K27:
-compressor inducer 57mm
-turbine exducer 69mm , 13
This turbocharger is from original V8 IVECO 17.2L 520ch with boost pressure of 1.6 bar
Price : 250 €

*1 turbocharger GARRETT T04e31:
-compressor inducer 55mm, A/R 0.5
-turbine exducer 66mm, 0.96
This turbocharger is from V8 IVECO 17.2L 520ch with boost pressure of 1.6 bar
Price : 200€

*1 turbocharger Schwitzer 4LGZ :
-compressor inducer 67mm
-turbine exducer 86mm
This turbocharger is from renault CBH 340 ch
Price : 300€

For more informations and pictures please contact me at :
phone : +336 32 49 06 54

Rolls-Royce Griffon Mk57
Richard Mail

RR Griffon Mk57-50 1955

Almost compleatly dismanlted for overhauling and alot of job are finnished but I do not have the time to finnished it so I must let it go.

Things needed to be done before put togheter again. Crank case has drilled oil feed holes to main bearings in the "vee" prepared to be a boat/puller engine (see picture)

1. linehoning the main bore in crank case

2. skim the crank case top decks.

3. Adjust big eng bearings to proper clearance (there is a "new" set of shot peened conrods, with all std size bolts, very unusual!)

4. cleaning/soda blasting parts such cylinder banks/heads/charger/throttle housing.

5. order/manufacture new piston rings

No other parts are missing on this engine and is complete with good camshafts/rocker assy and both valve covers.

Many spare parts can be bought extra with this engine such:

extra A+B cylinder skirts (with rusty liners)

extra A+B heads (B-bank head has one loose valve seat, but I have a new inlet valve for this)

extra pistons

Genuine coolant header tank

Booster coil

3x new rear Shackleton propeller baldes (new in seald bags)

Genuine Shackleton engine bearners, with fuel flow meter, hoses etc.

Transmission aluminium plate + crank/flywheel pinion gear and cam gear aluminium hub (to get the power out of crank with no reduction gear box for boat/puller application)

Local pick up ONLY!!

Please email me pictures and info, thank`s



Differential for sale
Blue devil pulling team Mail

For sale

Complete rear DAF2255 carrier differential with 4.10 R&P. We also have a 4.70 R&P for spare. Also included MAN aluminium planetary wheels with hubs, hardened custom made axles, disk brakes and calipers.

Blue devil pullingteam

For sale rear differential
Blue devil pullingteam Mail

For sale,

Rear differential assembly complete.
Daf 2255 differential with 4.10 R&P. We also have a 4.70 for spare. Aluminium MAN planetairy wheels with fittings. Disk brakes with calipers. Custom made hardened axles.

Blue devil Pullingteam

tractorpulling magezines
hobbe werkhoven Mail

oude tractorpulling magezines van 1978-2004,
diverse videobanden met het EK van 91-92-94-96,
eb enkele amerikaanse Puller magazines.

voor info :

Gardenpulling Tyres
Daniel Siebenhaar Mail

We have Pit Bull 1 with steel rims for sale.
Asking Price 200 Euro

Parts for sale
Ewoud Mail

For sale:

- Ssi 14-71 Hi helix blower D rotor with dual gear serial nr: 676 recent stripped complete including snout, good condition. Price: € 2750,-

- Keith Black stage 15, 3 repaired windows and 3 saddles, line bore ok, including head studs and sleeves bore 4.310. Price € 1750,-

For more info and photo's mail me:

Boss Power For Sale
Frank Nielsen Mail Home

Boss power is a tractor with a a Scania 113, 6 cylinder inliner engine with a special made cylinder head.
Bosch pump with an rsg regulator, capacity up to 950 mL at 13degrees.
Transmission made by Team Hvilsom with one forward and one backwards gear. The toothed wheels in the gearbox can be rotated and give 7km/h up or down.
The clutch housing is made by Crohus.
4,8L turbocharger with a large axel can go up to 5 inches. The turbocharger cover with emergency stop is approved by ETPC. The turbocharger is made by John Deere pulling Team
Boss Power is approved by the Danish DTP regulations.

All parts can also be bought separately.
Please contact for further information.

Best Regards
Frank Nielsen

Volvo truck for sale
Team Eager Beaver Mail

Team eager beaver has for sale their Volvo truck with trailer.
For more information please contact us.

Team eager beaver
Evert van den Top

Thunderstruck Chassis&Body
Steve Leenheer Mail

Fore Sale: Thunderstruck Rolling Chassis&Body. Wedge chassis/Ford 5000 loader axle. Steel cab '96 Chevy, alu bedsides.

11 inch 3 disk clutch
Team Smink Mail

Used Vekoma centrifugal clutch, 11 inch, 1 spare disc, new floaters. Flywheel bolt pattern for Rover Meteor engines.

504 motor & billet alum head
Jeff Hothem Mail

The Fully Loaded Unlimited Super Stock team has the following items for sale.

(1) 504 cu in Deere short block complete motor (used). Steel crank counterbalanced/counterweighted, aluminum rods and aluminum pistons. A couple of spare rods and pistons as well. $10k US dollars. Does not include shipping.

(1) Billet aluminum head Deere (used). Complete head, valves, springs drilled for spark plugs and set up currently for overhead cam application. $6K US Dollars, does not include shipping.

Email the Fully Loaded Team for more information. Please, serious inquiries only.